Woke Liberals BAN the Term ‘Sex Offender’ Because It Offends Sex Offenders

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Liberals ban the term 'sex offender' because it offends sex offenders

The ‘woke’ Colorado Sex Offender Management Board has voted to ban the term “sex offender” because it offends actual sex offenders.

No, this is NOT satire.

“The board’s decision passed following a 10-6 vote on Nov. 19 will not change the language used in criminal justice proceedings, the Colorado Sex Offender registry, or the name of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board itself,” the Federalist reports.

“It does, however, apply to the “Standards and Guidelines for the Assessment, Evaluation, Treatment and Behavioral Monitoring of Adult Sex Offenders.”

Summit.news reports: Instead of being called sex offenders, the criminal pervs will now be referred to as “adults who commit sexual offenses.”

According to the Denver Post, the change is being made because sex offenders have faced “harsh” treatment and that is “counterproductive to the goal of rehabilitation.”

“I doubt the Denver Post regards the appalling treatment of Kyle Rittenhouse overly harsh. Sex criminals (e.g., liberal martyr Joseph Rosenbaum) have the sympathy of the progressive establishment. Decent kids trying to protect people’s property from leftist rioters do not,” comments Dave Blount.

The CDC also recently released a ‘woke’ guide to patrolling language which urged people to refer to inmates or prisoners as “people who are incarcerated or detained,” while calling criminals “people in pre-trial or with charge” or “people who were formerly incarcerated.”

While the state concerns itself with protecting the feelings of criminal sex offenders, child molesters are also being increasingly coddled by the system.

A “non-binary” associate professor at Old Dominion University recently called for the “stigma” of pedophilia to be ‘delegitimized’.


    • Look here to be convicted as a sex offender a person just has to make a minor “feel uncomfortable” It’s not what you think It’s all staged and corript.

  1. The law is corrupt. It has no legal validity All lawful authority comes from God by rule of law regardless if its Jewish Christian or Islamic. If the leaders are frauds all serbi g the Pope, which they are by law they have signed their consent, then the law has no bearing anywhere because the Vatican is people who “hate Jesus and Christians” as Pope Emeritus Benedict revealed, and so are “the one thing God HATES above all Sins and Abominations is the hypocrites” and so all who serve the Pope are in that group. By the Word of God himself.

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