Why The Globalists Hate Putin So Much

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How Vladimir Putin made Russia great again

Globalist media outlets and politicians repeatedly spread disinformation about Russian President Vladimir Putin in an attempt to undermine, weaken and subjugate Russia. 

Here are 7 ways in which Putin has changed Russia for the greater good and why he represents a very real threat to the New World Order:

GDP GREW 10-FOLD (1000%) FROM 1999 to 2013: Under Putin, Russian GDP grew from $200 billion in 1999 to over $2 trillion by 2013 when Russia became the 5th largest economy in the world (by PPP GDP).

Russia's GDP under Putin
Russia’s GDP under Putin

REDUCED THE DEBT:  While the US debt-to-GDP grew from 56% to 105% between 1999 and 2017, Putin did the opposite: he reduced Russia’s debt from 100% to 18% of GDP. There are now more than 160 countries in the world that have higher debt-GDP ratios than Russia! This is a phenomenal achievement.

Russia's debt-to-GDP
Russia’s debt-to-GDP

VASTLY INCREASED FOREIGN & GOLD RESERVES: Russia had virtually no foreign exchange reserves and very little gold reserves when Putin took office. He replenished the coffer and made the Russian economy quite immune to downturns and attacks from Wall Street shysters. Russia now has the 6th largest foreign exchange reserves as well as the 6th largest gold reserves in the world.

Russia's foreign exchange reserves
Russia’s foreign exchange reserves
Russia's gold reserves under Putin
Russia’s gold reserves under Putin

AN ECONOMY STRONG ENOUGH TO WITHSTAND US/EU SANCTIONS: There is no better testimony to the strength of the Russian economy than how it not only survived the US/EU sanctions and the huge drop in oil price (65% drop from 2014 to 2016) for the last four years, but came out stronger. Throughout 2014, 2015 and even 2016, western pundits kept assuring us that Russia would collapse any moment.

Putin Watches Russian Economy Collapse! (Time Magazine, 2014)
Putin Meets Economic Collapse with Purges and Broken Promises (Newsweek, 2015)
For Russia, Oil Collapse has Soviet Echoes (Wall Street Journal, 2016)
Lights Out for the Putin Regime (Foreign Affairs, 2016)
Russia is Seriously Running Out of Cash (CNN, 2016)

Alas, all their gloom and doom predictions failed to materialize. In 2017, Russian economy grew 1.4%; its inflation is less than 3%; and, in 2018, it will actually have a budget surplus (while the US will have close to $1 trillion of deficit). Putin’s prudent and conservative financial values have made Russia strong and stable.

When the US stopped Exxon from working on the Arctic project, Putin partnered with China (for money) and France (for technology) and completed the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Yamal. And he also completed in Moscow a new skyscraper, which will be one of the tallest in Europe.

Under Putin, Russia has set records in grain production and has become #1 in export of wheat, which again is quite an accomplishment considering where Russia was in 2000 (see picture below). Putin has smartly rejected GMO and wants to make Russia the premier exporter of organic food.

PUTIN MADE RUSSIA A GLOBAL/GEOPOLITICAL POWER: According to the US media, Putin is a thug, a tyrant, a killer, a Hitler and every other sensational adjective the media normally uses for the enemies of the Empire. However, if Russia is so poor and Putin is so evil, how come all the global leaders schmooze with him and visit Moscow on a regular basis?

— The Japanese leader, Shinzo Abe, has met with Putin 20 times;
— when Macron became the new leader of France in 2017, the first foreign leader to visit France was Putin;
— Germany’s President visited Putin in 2017 and spoke out against the sanctions;
— Israel’s Netanyahu has visited Putin twice in the last year;
— long-time geopolitical enemy Saudi Arabia made peace and its king visited Russia for the first time in 2017;
— even Russophobic UK sent its foreign minister, Boris Johnson, to Russia in late 2017 for the first time in four years.

From the Middle East to Central Asia, Putin has amassed vast prestige and power for Russia. He defeated the US in Syria and has secured a permanent base. He not only spoiled America’s plan to turn Turkey against Russia, but turned the table around — now Turkey is in Russia-Iran camp and the Turkey-US relationship is teetering. Putin’s smart partnership with China has benefited both, since they complement one another. Putin brings people and nations together, unlike the West which is focused on “divide and rule.”

PUTIN MADE RUSSIAN MILITARY MIGHTY: In the 1990’s, the Russian military was decimated and the soldiers weren’t even getting paid regularly. The Russians were so demoralized that they lost the First Chechnya War to Islamic terrorists.

Putin revived the military, turbo-charged Russia’s technological prowess, and restored national pride. The new military jets (introduced since 2011) — Su-30, Su-35 etc. — are even better than the American counterparts. Russia’s new tank T-14 Armata, which is now under production, is one of the best tanks in the world. In Syria, Putin surprised the west with Russia’s new precision missiles that could be launched from ships. Russia’s missile defense systems — S300 and S400— built under Putin, are one of the most coveted in the world.

Russia is now the second largest arms exporter in the world and had 53 countries as happy customers in 2017. Most of all, Putin achieved all this while spending a fraction of what the US does ($50 billion versus $700 billion per year).

PUTIN EMBRACES CHRISTIANITY & TRADITIONALISM: While the West has become anti-religion, anti-spirituality and anti-traditionalism, Putin has rejected Cultural Marxism. Putin has built over 10,000 churches and monasteries in the last decade! Russians will no doubt benefit from this in the long run.


  1. Bottom line? Putin hates the globalists as much as we do. The globalists are the Illuminate. Of all 13 families there is not ONE Russian family in the illuminate. I wonder why? We may have more in common with Russia than the evil bastards who constantly foment war IE Europe,and the UK. America has saved their azzes twice. Maybe they should fight for themselves instead of crying to NATO and the UN and specifically to the USA. In WWII we had to be there and we were. Where the frogs failed, England failed, Afrika failed, We spent our lives, our men, our entire economy, and finally our natural resources nation wide to save europes azz. 10 years later they betrayed us . I say let them pay the price of freedom this time !!!

    • Excuse me, but let’s get one thing straight, Canada was involved in both World Wars, and Korea from start to finish. In WW11, the day after England went to war against Germany, Canada signed on as well. During WW11 Canada was at war in Europe from 1939 – 1945. The U.S did not enter until Pearl Harbor was bombed Dec. 7, 1941. Canada had been at war with Germany for over 2 yrs. before the U.S. joined the rest. Also, Canada had the 3rd largest Military in the world at that time -quite the accomplishment for such a small population. Canada has always proved herself very well whenever she was called upon. Also, there were a number of other countries involved in the WW11 conflict, and Russia was one of our allies!! The U.S. was one also, but the U.S. did not fight or win either of those wars by themselves – it was a combined effort from all! When you talk about spent lives, men, economy and natural resources nation wide – every country involved lost – not just the U.S.

    • Well now I was told that Putin has given orders that if the Rothchilds set foot in Russia they are to be arrested immediately……….but I was also given intel that it was all a trick and that Putin was collaborating with the evil Jews………if he is I guess we are screwed.

      • I hope the Russians get hold of all of the Illuminate and sentence them to life in prison or put em all on death row ryback

    • you are so misinformed Sandy , do some research and you will find that you yanks came into the war very handily placed by allowing events to happen and doing nothing but supplying arms to all the allied countries and forcing them to pay back the sales for decades after hence why you t=-yans had such good times during the fifties and sixties, it took the Uk and a lot of other countries until the 90,s to pay back the arms money we all owed you thats what crushed Russia russia and china, but since the debts have been paid off these countries have been able to make their countries strong again whilst america relies on selling arms to the evil saudi goverment and other nations like Israel buy your weapons, you gloryfying yanks only lost 200,000 troops during the war compared to 20 million dead russians and 40 million chinese, america had its time and a new power is emerging and I for one would rather have Putin than the puppets of the UK and all other western goverments who are controlled like puppets by the bankers’ , corporations etc

      • incorrect 418,923 Killed over one million wounded and If America hadn’t entered the war you would be speaking German right now by the way that doesn’t count our merchant marines who were sunk giving arms to Russia. Read some damned history yourself I have a degree in it. If not for the Normandy invasion and later Patton’s third army we would have all lost the war. England was defeated after the battle for Briton I am not being insulting but I will speak the truth. The invasion of Russia, by hitler was his biggest mistake yes I agree with that but if hitler had waited and not had troops on a second front he would have easily made Normandy a huge loss for the allies. Yes Russia took Berlin but only because Eisenhower told our armies to stand down and ALLOW the Russians their revenge.

  2. This may be a fake news website, but the central message of this article-globalists hate Putin, who stands for traditionalism, family and national greatness, is absolutely true. Putin’s Russia is on the rise, while cultural marxism is destroying the west. God Bless Putin!

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    • Yeah I like Putin… hes strong.. hes the only REAL world leader….. hes a humanitarian.. he told the banksters to take a hike… he restored Christianity to Russia….. and the list goes on

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