Sean Penn: US Mustn’t Be ‘Intimidated’ From Using Nukes Against Russia

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American actor Sean Penn has argued that America must not be “intimidated” against threatening Russia with nuclear war.

Penn made the shocking comments during an appearnce on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show to discuss the conflict in Ukraine.

InformationLiberation reports: After Hannity said Ukraine should have never given up their nuclear weapons, Penn responded: “Even countries that have nuclear weapons can remain intimidated to use them, and we are seeing that now with our own country. And I fear what that legacy is going to be.

“No one wants to see a nuclear conflict, at the same time, if only one bully is gonna be able to use them as a threat, we got to rethink what we’re doing,” Penn said.

Though Hannity concurred with Penn’s statement and said he doesn’t want to see a nuclear conflict, less than two weeks ago he said the US must be willing to nuke Russia “off the face of the earth” if they use WMDs in Ukraine and mustn’t “cower in fear” over the prospect of a global nuclear holocaust triggered by “mutually assured destruction.”

Both Seans’ statements are supreme idiocy as the threat of nuclear annihilation is a constant for both of our nations, as is mutually assured destruction.

Ukraine had every opportunity to make peace with Russia and declare itself a neutral country but instead the Zelensky regime threatened to acquire nuclear weapons, took billions in arms shipments from the US and insisted on pushing to join NATO.

This whole conflict could have been easily avoided if Ukraine and the regime in Washington, DC listened to folks like John Mearsheimer but instead they kept poking the bear.

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