Sickening Video Shows Toddler Twerking in NYC As Perverts Openly Applaud and Cheer

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Viral video shows toddler twerking openly in New York City as pedophiles cheer and applaud

A disturbing TikTok video shows a 5-year-old girl literally twerking on the streets of New York City as a crowd of perverts cheer and applaud the sexually provocative dance.

Yes, really.

“We all need this confidence in life,” says a caption accompanying the clip, which shows the young girl performing the dance routine as one black woman enthusiastically goes through the motions of slapping her butt.

Another excited African-American woman then joins in by performing a sexually charged dance alongside the toddler.

Another woman excitedly captures the performance on her cellphone. reports: “Elect me president and my one pledge is that I will have every adult involved with this kind of shit arrested. I have no other plans. Just that,” tweeted Matt Walsh.

It seems like there’s no coincidence that this disgusting filth emerged during pride month.

A similar clip from 2019 showed a young boy twerking during a pride parade while being similarly celebrated by attendees.

So-called “drag queen kid” Desmond is Amazing has also appeared at gay nightclubs where patrons handed him dollar bills.

As we highlighted back in April, another video showed two young girls being paraded around during a late night drag queen show in L.A. as they are encouraged to take cash tips from members of the crowd.

Over the last week, a debate emerged within the LGBT community via Twitter as to whether gay pride parades should be made PG or whether children should not be allowed anywhere near them.

They don’t appear to have come to a conclusion.


  1. You should have seen the screen tests Shirley Temple did No knickers and tiny short dresses When she was one if hundreds auditioning Pedophiles rule Have for centuries .People are stupid .

  2. We left Grand Daughter 5 years old watching ‘KIDS’ YouTube channel for a minute or two and next thing we know there’s a funny Alien Character on screen dancing very provocatively apparently ‘twerking’ and she was copying it. Laughed at first but then realized how distasteful it was to show such a thing on a KIDS channel…

  3. Well the kid is in NYC, she is at least lucky they didn’t legally kill her when she came out of her mother.

  4. Twerking Toddler has NOTHING TO DO with Gay Pride month and NOTHING TO DO with “Drag Queen Kid” from last year!
    YELLOW JOURNALISM is disgraceful, no matter WHICH side is spreading propaganda and disinformation.
    Pedophilia has NOTHING TO DO with Gay Pride either. Your favorite pedophiles are all STRAIGHT, NOT Gay!

    • really wrong dude. Gays are pedos for sure. and you have your straight pedos as well.
      but being gay is definitely a red flag for pedo operations.

  5. “Isn’t dat so cute! that baby girls is grinding her vagina like it has a peneis inside it and all…dat outrageously cute I am gonna take dat cute picture and laugh my asz off! life is so good!”

  6. “we all need this confidence in life” What! what is that lady in the video narrating? How in the hell does twerking exhibit confidence? How!!!???
    When i am feeling down, I guess I will go to my daughters room and inappropriately twerk at her. That will build my confidence and make me feel better. for sure.

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