Trump ‘Should Be Impeached for Murder’ Says Hollywood Director Judd Apatow

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Judd Apatow

Hollywood film director Judd Apatow has called Donald Trump “a mass murderer” and thinks that the president should be “impeached for murder.”

In a Tweet Apatow declared: “Donald is a mass murderer. Any comment which doesn’t make that clear is lying about what he is doing. He has chosen to misinform people to help him politically which is killing tens of thousands more people. He is a mass murderer by choice. He should be impeached for murder.”

Breitbart reports: Apatow was reacting to a tweet by journalist Sam Stein, who shared his dismay over the president’s optimism regarding the Chinese coronavirus having an affect on “virtually nobody” without comorbidities.

Judd Apatow has been ramping up his murder talk. Last week he declared that President Trump has “no issue” in killing Americans in order to win re-election. “Trump has no issue killing anyone to get re-elected. Make sure your voter registration is current,” Apatow wrote, alongside a link to former First Lady Michelle Obama’s voter turnout organization When We All Vote.

Apatow was responding to a story from ABC News, which accused Trump of attempting to use the vaccine as a “political weapon” as part of the wider “wars on science.”

Apatow has also blamed White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway for death in the United States. Last month, the King of Staten Island helmer said that Americans died of the Wuhan virus because Conway “lied.”

Earlier this year, Apatow claimed that the president has “normalized being insane.”

“He normalized being insane but we will vote Trump and all Republicans out in November,” he said. “They care more about their power than helping people. None stand up and say the President is inept and that is a dereliction of duty. As a party they are responsible for thousands of deaths.”

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