Lord Janner Voted 203 Times in Parliament Despite ‘Dementia’ Diagnosis

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Lord Janner Voted 203 Times in Parliament Despite 'Dementia' Diagnosis

It has emerged that Labour peer Lord Janner voted 203 times in the House of Lords despite being diagnosed with dementia and after giving power of attorney to two of his children.

Janner, handed over power of attorney for decisions involving his health and welfare to his children after being diagnosed with dementia in 2009. Yet, according to investigative website Exaro.com he still attended the Lords on 634 days after that and claimed over £100,000 in expenses

Janner stopped attending the House of Lords in late 2013 and has been on leave of absence since 2014. In April, he was suspended from the Labour Party.

Lat week it was also revealed that Lord Janner, only stood down as a company director on April 10, six days before the Public Prosecutions director, Alison Saunders announced that he would not be charged with 22 child sex offences.

Sanders ruled that Janner was too ill to be prosecuted following investigations into alleged sex crimes with boys in his constituency, event hough the CPS said there was enough evidence to charge on all 22 counts.



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