Soros’ MoveOn.Org Caught Sending Unsolicited Texts To People Across U.S.

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Soros funded caught sending unsolicited text messages to people across America

A Soros-funded Democratic group,, has been caught sending out unsolicited text messages to potential voters across America. 

According to a Gateway Pundit reader from Connecticut, an unsolicited text message was sent to his phone earlier this week. reports: is now the second Democratic group sending out unsolicited text messages to Connecticut voters.

This is also a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The number (860) 337-7785 is a Columbia, Connecticut number associated with the MCIMETRO ACCESS TRANSMISSION SERVICES LLC

UPDATE: This should not come as a surprise but MoveOn is also sending unsolicited text messages to California voters.

This came in the email from California since we put this post up this morning.

UPDATE: This came from a Michigan voter.

UPDATE: We now have reports that MoveOn is sending the emails to Alabama voters.

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