Anti-Trump Whoopi Goldberg Caught Wearing Occult Masonic Sweater

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Whoopi Goldberg wears occult Masonic outfit during episode of 'The View'

Trump-hating Hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg was forced to apologize after she was caught wearing an occult Masonic sweater during an episode of The View last week.

Goldberg unconvincingly claimed that she did not understand the implications of wearing the Masonic seal on her sweater. reports: Masonry at low levels is portrayed as a kind of gentleman’s group like the Elks Club. But many prominent Freemasons at high levels drive or promote the globalist agenda that sustains the rule of the plutocrats and the oppression of the people, all while duping regular people with poisonous entertainment and fraudulent news. Why do celebrities keep flashing Masonic symbols? Some people believe that Masons or Mason-sympathizers telegraph their secret doings to make their “craft” even stronger. Others, like those who believe Goldberg’s explanation, think the entire phenomenon is more benign.

Clearly, Goldberg’s apology shows that Red-Pilled Truthers are not going to allow Masonic symbology in pop culture to go unnoticed ever again.

Basketball commentator and former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal admitted to being a Freemason, flashing a Masonic ring that he associates with his “profession.”

Same goes for Simon Cowell.

Maybe Cowell can explain what was going on in this very bizarre “X Factor” advertisement?

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