Rosanna Arquette: ‘Jesus Would Be Murdered by Our Cops Because of His Skin Color’

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Rosanna Arquette says if Jesus were still alive he would be murdered by US cops

Trump-hating actress rosanna Arquette has declared that if Jesus were alive today he would be brutally murdered by U.S. police “because of the color of his skin.”

“If Jesus were alive today he’d be murdered by police officers because of the color of his skin,” the Hollywood star said in a tweet on Wednesday. reports: This is far from the first time the Desperately Seeking Susan star has bashed law enforcement on a public forum. In March, for example, Arquette insisted that white supremacists are now “front [and] center for the world to see.” She included governors, lawmakers, the military, and the police force on her list.

“Kkk spent years hiding behind their hoods. Now they are front [and] center for the world to see,” Arquette asserted. “Nazi White supremacists are many governors, people in Congress, our police force, military, in entertainment news. We see you and you won’t get away with it.”

The following month, Arquette attacked law enforcement in the U.S. as racist yet again.

“If there are any police officers left serving our communities who aren’t racist and aren’t set on killing human beings because they aren’t white, step up, show yourselves now, step up front [sic] and tell us you are not racist and because as it looks to us you are Gestapo,” she declared.

Her assertion echoed a similar assertion she made in November 2020, smearing tens of millions of Americans as “Nazi gestapo.”

In 2019, the radical left-wing activist posted a picture of herself kneeling with dozens of American flags in the background, promising to “never stand for the flag again.”