Evidence Emerges That Nancy Pelosi’s Husband KILLED Brother in Drunk Driving Incident

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Nancy Pelosi's husband killed brother in car crash

Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was involved in a drunk driving incident which killed his brother, according to a bombshell new report.

On Saturday night, Paul Pelosi was arrested for driving while blackout drunk shortly after crashing his Porsche into a Jeep on a California freeway.

It has since been revealed that this was not Mr. Pelosi’s first time driving a car under the influence during an accident. At 16-years-old, he was driving with his brother David, 19, in the passenger seat when he lost control of the vehicle and flipped it into an embankment. David was killed as a result of the crash.

Thepostmillennial.com reports: As the Daily Mail reports, the crash took place just before 3:00 am on February 22, 1957. Mr. Pelosi had picked David up from his girlfriend’s house and decided to go on a “joyride” before heading home.

“David John Pelosi, 19 … was trapped under the light car driven by his brother when it flipped over on Skyline Highway a mile north of Crystal Springs,” a newspaper report stated shortly after the crash.

“David warned young Paul, as the car neared a tight curve near the dam: ‘This is a bad stretch–better slow down,'” the report continued.

“Paul said he tried to slow down by shifting gears, and lost control. The car veered across the road, bounced back from a small embankment, climbed 20 feet up another, spun around and somersaulted simultaneously and ended up-side down on the shoulder with both youths underneath.”

The San Francisco Examiner wrote at the time that David was dead on arrival at the hospital, and that he likely strangled to death on a neck brace he was wearing to support a neck fracture he sustained when he dove into shallow water in Lake Tahoe.

‘They jacked up the car to relieve the pressure but the youth apparently was already dead,’ the newspaper reported.

The report also noted that Mr. Pelosi suffered a broken collarbone as a result of the crash, and was cited by police for misdemeanor manslaughter, a charge that was later dropped.

Mr. Pelosi was was issued two traffic citation in 2011, one for running a red light, and another for veering over the center line.

In Saturday’s incident, he drove through a stop sign and was hit my Jesus Lopez, 48, who was driving north in Jeep.

Mr. Pelosi was arrested at 10:22 on Saturday on two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08% or higher, with bail being set at $5,000.

He was released on Sunday morning.


  1. Why wasn’t he charged for failing to stop at the stop sign? Already discrimination favour and prejudice rearing it’s ugly white churchy head? His wife a good servant of the Crowns and all that, eh what chaps?

  2. It’s like Johnny Depps case I watched some early reports ages ago but could see plain as day that Depos team had bought out Amber’s lawyers. And Depp rubbed Amber’s face in ot right there in the courtroom on front of everyone so she was psychologically ruined right from the start.

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