Civil Unrest: Hillary Supporters Riot After Unexpected Loss

Fact checked
Riots acros America and Hillary supporters protect Trump win

Hillary Clinton supporters have taken to the streets in various towns and cities across America to riot against the outcome of Tuesday’s Presidential election. 

Clinton rioters took to the streets of Portland and Oakland, issuing death threats against Trump on social media. reports:

Windows were broken and cars were set on fire in Oakland as irate protesters lit flares and blocked freeways.

“A protestor was struck by a vehicle on the eastbound lanes of Highway 24 although it was not immediately clear what the extent of the victim’s injuries were,” reports Fox 5.

Students also hit the streets of Eugene and Portland, Oregon to protest against a democratic election. Demonstrators could be heard chanting “bitch” and “f*ck Trump” as they marched in unison.

Some of the students burned a U.S. flag.

The irony of the riots is that many pro-Clinton media outlets previously circulated the talking point that Trump supporters would be likely to stage violent unrest after they lost the election.

Twitter was also inundated with death threats, with leftists either hoping for or personally expressing their willingness to carry out Trump’s assassination.

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