Documents Reveal Donald Trump Invested In Dakota Access Pipeline

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Donald Trump invested in Dakota Access Pipeline

New documents reveal that Donald Trump has multiple financial investments in the Dakota Access Pipeline and the companies behind building it. 

The documents uncovered by Greenpeace may explain Trump’s silence on the controversial pipeline throughout his campaign. reports:

What he has done is to promise to bring back to life the similar Keystone XL Pipeline project – the one that the Obama administration put a stop to after the country expressed anger over its proposed construction and damage.

Trump has also mentioned a proposed bill that would “streamline” pipeline constructions permits and remove the need for governmental oversight from fossil fuel infrastructure projects of this nature.

Donald Trump still continues to refuse to disclose his tax returns, he was required to file a less-revealing financial disclosure form when he entered the presidential race. Recent investigations into these forms by Greenpeace reporters have uncovered evidence that the Republican presidential candidate is heavily invested in the Dakota Access pipeline’s construction.

Trump has $50,000 and $100,000 worth of investments in ConocoPhillips (Phillips 66), which is set to own one-quarter of the project if completed and also has between $500,000 and $1 million in investments in Energy Transfer Partners, the lead builders of the pipeline.

Harold Hamm, one of Trump’s senior advisors, strangely is CEO of the largest fracking organization in the country.

It’s Hamm’s oil that will be flowing through the Dakota Access route – running from North Dakota to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast, after construction.


Hamm has previously said to investors:

We anticipate huge profits upon the opening of the Dakota Access project

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