Jon Stewart Goes Cuckoo Bananas

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Daily Show host Jon Stewart has criticized the recent letter sent to Iran that was signed by 47 Republican Senators. It tried to undermine the nuclear deal currently under negotiation.

He called it “Cuckoo Bananas”.Video below

He said of  Senate Republicans’ actions: “You may be able to get Obama to construct a framework of verifiable nuclear limitations in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, but you’ll never sneak this sh*t past us. We’re f*cking cuckoo! We’re cuckoo bananas!”

“We’re the world’s most deliberative body, and yet we’re fucking nuts!” reports:

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Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) both signed the letter, and have come under criticism for it. But it was now notorious Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) who is widely credited with convincing his party colleagues to add their names as signatories.

But Stewart questioned whether this really was such a difficult feat.

“How did Cotton convince Republicans to publicly undercut our current president? How did he do it?” Stewart said. “It’s the kind of persuasive rhetoric it might take to get, let’s say, an unfixed dog to hump a pillow.”

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