Sean Penn BANS Unvaccinated From Seeing His Movie: “I Don’t Want Your Filthy Money!”

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Actor Sean Penn bans unvaccinated from seeing his movie

Hollywood actor Sean Penn told CNN on Saturday that unvaccinated people across the world are NOT welcome to watch his latest movie.

In a bizarre rant, Penn declared that he held “some areas of a strong belief in the Second Amendment,” adding that “not getting vaccinated is like pointing a gun at people” and “everyone should get vaccinated.” reports: He confirmed that he will only go back to work on his upcoming Watergate drama “Gaslit” with Julia Roberts when everyone on set has been vaccinated, saying he doesn’t “want to feel complicit” about crew being at risk while stars are protected.

“I’ll go back when I can be assured that 100 percent of the crew has gotten vaccinated,” he confirmed.

Penn blamed the delay on “weak leadership in some of the unions that are too concerned about some of the fringe constituencies within and not concerned enough about common sense.”

The Oscar winner also said he “would request only vaccinated audiences” be allowed to watch his new movie, “Flag Day,” in theaters.

“Eventually it will stream, and that’s a better time for the unvaccinated to see it,” he said — conceding that his controversial stance will “probably offend them out of that choice.”


  1. You can still transmit and get sick from Kung Flu if vaxxed. What is this lunatic talking about?
    Oh, and he’s a chain smoking moron by the way, so that’s real healthy.

  2. No problem, I wouldnt watch a Sean Penn movie if he held a gun to my head. Speaking of guns, someone should put a bullet through Penns skull.

  3. First filthy movie I saw him in, he was a peeping tom – what chutzpah – supporting actor was robby boy deniro, the Irish lad pretending to be a tough guy from Italy – sweethearts of the silver screen

  4. I really have not watched a hollywood movie in years. Since this character has said this, makes me even more comfortable that I have decided to never get a vaccine. He is a joke.

  5. How is this sort of divisiveness and hatred tolerated in the so-called “progressive” perspective? They can no longer conceal their true nature.

  6. Luckily most people don’t want to see your movie anyway as evidenced by the box office numbers…best of luck Mr Penn

  7. If you really feel strongly about this, do not see his movies. Otherwise he merely stated if you are not vaccinated he does not want you to see his movie. To really pwn this actor you would have to go see his movie unvaccinated, the only way to truly WIN!

  8. The clean don’t want your protein spike blood. Don’t donate….don’t ask for help this winter when your immune system malfunctions. Don’t ask Mr. Hand for help

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