Trump: Taliban Knows Biden Is Compromised – I Would Have Blown Them To Pieces With F-18s

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Donald Trump slams Biden for being weak with the Taliban

President Trump has blasted Joe Biden for being “weak”” and deliberately allowing the Taliban and ISIS rise to power in order to destabilize the Middle East.

Trump says the terrorist regime was “under perfect control” during his presidency because he warned the Taliban leader that they would be obliterated if they dared step out of line.

Trump says the Taliban knew “they would have gotten blown away by F-18” fighter jets had they tried to take Kabul while he was in power.

The Taliban’s rapid takeover is because they know ‘Taliban Joe’ is too weak to punish them, according to Trump.

During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, Trump detailed the deal he made with Taliban’s political leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. 

“Abdul, as I like to call him, Abdul was just going to wait on us,” Trump said.

“Every time we saw movement we hit them with an F-18 and the movement stopped,” he added.

“Before, they would’ve gotten blown away. (Now) zero resistance,” Trump said as he called Biden’s decision to take the US military out of Afghanistan “the dumbest move anybody has ever made perhaps in the history of our country, allowing this to happen.”

“This country has never seen stupidity like this and our country is really in trouble,” Trump warned.

“It’s only going to get worse…

“We had something where they didn’t get near us, they were petrified of us,” he continued.

He attributed the Taliban staying out of Afghanistan to the deal he made with Abdul in Doha, Qatar, in February of last year.

“I dealt with the leader of the Taliban,” Trump said. 

“This is not a very simple man.

“This is not a boy scout, to put it another way.”

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‘This is a tough, hardened person that has been fighting us for many years, and we are using them now to protect us? Look what happened with their protection,’ he added.

He then said he thinks the Taliban ‘couldn’t believe it’ when they heard the US military was leaving and pulling out of the war’.

‘In my opinion… they sent some fighters in and they was zero resistance,’ he said, claiming he ‘had everything under perfect control’ before ‘Biden came in and they saw weakness’.

‘He (Biden) didn’t do anything,’ Trump said in frustration. ‘And they took over and then we ran out and we’ve just destroyed the image of America, of our great country, of our incredible warriors – and they are incredible warriors but they still need leadership at the top and they don’t have it.’

Trump, who released a presidential-style statement on the suicide bombing screened at the start of Hannity’s show, also told how the rescue efforts to get American soldiers out of Kabul ‘is about withdrawal’. 

‘It is not about getting out because getting out is something,’ he said, calling the entire crisis a ‘disgrace’ and blaming Biden for the death of 13 Americans in Kabul.    

Meanwhile, if Trump insisted that if he were reelected his administration would’ve upheld the terms of his agreement with the Taliban and ‘you would have seen something very nice’.

‘Nobody would have even realized we had gone. Everybody would have been out. The equipment would have been out. I would have blown up all of the bases,’ he said.

‘We would have kept Bagram because of China and Iran and Afghanistan – to a much lesser extent – and literally nobody would have even known,’ he added.  

The former president harshly criticized the Biden administration for veering off his original plan with Abdul, which said the US was to get out of Afghanistan in 14 months and, in exchange, the Taliban agreed to stop attacking US military members while stopping Afghanistan from becoming riddled with terrorists.

The Taliban also agreed to start working towards a peace agreement with the Afghan government and consider a cease-fire. 

Instead, ‘we have been put in the worst position we could possibly be put in,’ Trump told Hannity during the hour-long segment.

‘It’s hard to believe, actually, because a child would have understood. You get the military out last. A child would have understood that. How could they have done this to our country?’ 

As a result, ‘the Taliban and others are dictating,’ Trump said. 

‘They are the ones saying get out on the 31st. I think Biden wanted to stay,’ he added, claiming the leader of the Taliban told Biden: ‘We want you out by the 31st of there will be consequences.’ 

‘What kind of stuff is this?’ Trump questioned in disbelief, shocked that people he had ‘at bay to a level that you wouldn’t believe’ have now killed American soldiers. 

Trump repeatedly described the events unfolding in Kabul not only as ‘so sad’ but also as ‘the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to our country’.

‘We look like fools all over the world. We are weak, we are pathetic, we are being led by people that have no idea what they are doing,’ he added.

He cited how Biden ‘botched’ his plan ‘and took the military out first’ rather than last, leaving $80billion worth of equipment behind.

The Taliban now has ‘the best equipment, best rockets, best tanks and helicopters,’ Trump said, fearing that ‘this country has never seen stupidity like this and our country is really in trouble’. 

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