After Claiming Covid Jabs ‘Safe & Effective’ Trudeau Now Acknowledges Vaccine Injuries

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Justin Trudeau

During the covid pandemic Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau claimed that the mRNA vaccines were safe and effective,

The same Trudeau who put Canada under medical martial law during the so called pandemic, now appears to be backtracking following a multitude of vaccine injuries.

InfoWars reports: In a powerful side-by-side comparison circulating on social media, Trudeau of present-day un-ironically declares he’s aware of misinformation surrounding Covid vaccines, with a flash back to Dec. 2020 showing he at one point claimed “any vaccine we distribute for Canadians will be safe for Canadians.”

The video then gets back to present day where Trudeau admits “there are probably people who probably gotten very sick from vaccinations,” illustrating how Trudeau himself was responsible for the spread of misinformation.

The side-by-side is a perfect encapsulation of how the squishy elite manipulate narratives to fit their agendas, gaslighting at every step to shape public opinion while remaining free from repercussions or liability.

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