Joe Biden: Congress Might Have No Option but to IMPEACH

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Joe Biden says Congress has no option but to impeach the President

Democratic 2020 hopeful Joe Biden continued to dance around the issue of impeaching President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Biden said that Congress would have to start impeachment proceedings if Trump continued to stonewall their investigations.

“If the president does not soon start to cooperate with the legitimate investigations of the Congress, then, in fact, Congress has no option but to begin an impeachment inquiry,” Biden said. reports: The former vice president commented on the process during an event with voters in Concord, New Hampshire on Tuesday night in response to a question from a young boy about impeaching the president.

Biden said that once Congress began the impeachment process, they would have more power to make investigative demands of the president.

The former vice president said that the Trump administration should allow his aides and former aides to testify before Congress.

“I’m not looking forward to an impeachment process, I think it will be a giant distraction on things that in fact we should be focusing on getting done,” he said.

Biden cited seven areas of inquiry in the Mueller report that deserved further investigation.

“Those areas should be investigated by the United States Congress,” he said.

Biden said he was more focused on winning the presidency in 2020.

“My job is to impeach him a different way … beat him,” he said.


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