Prank Caller Convinces Burger King Employees To Smash Up Restaurants

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Burger King in Manila, Philippines
A prank caller pretending to be from the fire department persuaded Burger King employees in Minnesota and Oklahoma to smash up their restaurants to stop the buildings from exploding.

Mail Online reports:

Posing as a fire department official, the caller convinced two outlets – one in Shawnee, OK, on Thursday; one in Coon Rapids, MN, on Friday – that there were perilously high levels of carbon monoxide filling up the buildings.

The only way to save the place from exploding, they said, was to smash all the windows as quickly as possible.

Passers-by in both cities looked on baffled as they saw uniformed staff running around, kicking and slamming the windows with chairs until they shattered.burger king

After smashing the windows they called the fire department to reassess the situation – and to their confusion the responding officers had no idea what they were talking about.

When fire fighters eventually reached the building they found no trace of a gas leak.

Officials estimate Oklahoma’s establishment has been left with $10,000 worth of damage, KSTP reports.

‘The employee stated that a person called them and told them there were high levels of carbon monoxide in their building, and they needed to break out all their windows,’ Thomas Larman, spokesman for the Shawnee Fire Department, told KSTP.burger king

A passer-by in Coon Rapids posted video footage of the moment on YouTube.

At least three employees are seen kicking the windows repeatedly, pushing out all the glass from the frames.burger king

By the end of the clip, crowds of people are seen staring dumbstruck at the bizarre scene.

burger king
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