Kamala Harris Drops Out Of Presidential Race

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Senator Kamala Harris has announced that she is dropping out of the 2020 presidential race.

The California Democrat, who had announced her bid for the White House back in January, said she doesn’t have the money to continue.

RT reports: Harris tweeted a message to supporters on Tuesday saying it is with deep regret—but also with deep gratitude—that I am suspending my campaign today.

The move came after she had earlier canceled a fundraising event in New York over a “personal matter.”

In July, Harris referred to herself as a top-tier candidate, but failed to win over sufficient support to run as a serious challenger.

In an email to supporters, Harris made an implied dig at wealthy candidates Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg, writing: I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign. And as the campaign has gone on, it’s become harder and harder to raise the money we need to compete.”

Harris had launched her campaign in January 2019, and was first seen as chosen by mainstream Democrats.

Many on social media took the opportunity to make fun of Harris’s low polling figures by saying they’d never even heard of her.

“Again, for the third time this week: Who?” one commenter tweeted, while another joked: “Kamala, we hardly knew ya.”

Others suggested Tulsi Gabbard would be delighted with the turn of events.

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