Is The Illuminati Throwing Bill Cosby Under The Bus? – Rape Allegations

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There has been a lot of news in the media recently about the rape allegations against Bill Cosby – in many cases seemingly out of nowhere.  It is odd, after years and all statutes of limitations have expired that women from across the board have come forward to claim foul against Cosby.

In a new article by N. Morgan via Before It’s News entitled, “The Illuminati Throwing Bill Cosby Under The Bus – Rape Allegations – Same Fate As Michael Jackson? (Video)” [1], she says:

Many people were shocked and horrified by the recent allegations of sexual assaults against one of America’s most beloved dads, Bill Cosby.

Is it possible Bill pissed off the wrong person of the Elite and they are now discrediting him and throwing him under the proverbial bus? In recent events, we’ve seen other stars who spoke out against certain people of power and they ended up dead, under questionable circumstances.

Is Bill Next?

The video above really gives a wonderful commentary about this issue.


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