Apple Begins Blocking ‘Non-Compliant’ Users From Withdrawing Cash From Bank Accounts

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Apple begins blocking non-compliant users from withdrawing cash from their own bank accounts

Apple has begun blocking users from withdrawing cash from their own bank accounts, prompting fears that the Big Tech giant is operating a secret social credit score system and penalizing non-compliant users who have a low score.

According to reports, shortly after launching their savings account service with Goldman Sachs, Apple began severely restricting access to users’ money.

One man named Nathan Thacker, who lives outside of Atlanta, told The Wall Street Journal that he has continually tried but failed to transfer $1,700 from his Apple account to his JPMorgan Chase bank account. reports: Thacker tried to contact Goldman Sachs numerous times about the issue, only to be told to wait a few days for things to clear. It wasn’t until The Wall Street Journal intervened on Thacker’s behalf that he was finally able to access his own cash on demand.

Another man named Kevin Smyth, from Minnesota, expressed similar complaints but directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook via Twitter. He asked: “Was your plan to partner with a bank that holds people’s life savings hostage?”

In Smyth’s case, he had been trying to transfer $10,000 from his Apple account to U.S. Bank ever since May 16. When he was finally successful after a lengthy battle with Apple and Goldman Sachs, Smyth drained his entire $200,000 life savings from Apple and moved it back to American Express.

Goldman Sachs says holding Apple savings customers’ money hostage “has been excellent and beyond our expectations”

All over social media, Apple savings customers are fuming about similar withdrawal and transfer problems. The common thread seems to be that Apple and Goldman Sachs are more than able to take your cash, but for whatever reason are unable to give it back when you ask for it.

“Do not set up direct deposit using savings account by Apple,” one angry customer wrote. “You may not see that money for 3-4 weeks based on my experience. Let them have the nickels and dimes and nothing else.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that some Apple savings customers are seeing their money vanish upon initiating a transfer, but never making it to the directed bank account.

According to Goldman Sachs, only a “limited” number of Apple customers are experiencing these “glitches,” which as usual harm the customer while benefiting Big Banks and Big Tech.

Apple baited people into the scam by promising them a 4.15 percent annual yield, which is much higher than the standard interest rate offered by mainstream banks. It also dangled claims of fee-free banking and unlimited withdrawals as a lure.

Once customers fall for the trick, it becomes a battle and waiting game to get their money back from these usurious predators. Apple and Goldman Sachs, it turns out, are two of the most evil, greedy corporations on the planet.

In a statement, a spokesman for Goldman Sachs gaslit the public by insisting that everything is going not only smoothly but much better than corporate executives ever could have expected.

“The customer response to the new Savings account for Apple Card users has been excellent and beyond our expectations,” the spokesman said. “While the vast majority of customers see no delays in transferring their funds, in a limited number of cases, a user may experience a delayed transfer due to processes in place designed to help protect their accounts.”

“While we would not comment on specific customer interactions, we take our obligation to protect our customers deposits very seriously and work to create a balance between a seamless customer experience and that protection.”

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