Bill Gates Now Wants To Modify Cows To Fight ‘Climate Change’

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Bill Gates

Bill Gates is attempting to play god, yet again….

Gates is now saying he wants to modify cows as part of an effort to “fight climate change” by reducing the “methane emissions” from beef cattle.

The billionaire ‘vaccine expert’ made the outrageous call while speaking at the third edition of the French finance ministry’s “Rendez-vous de Bercy” event in Paris.

Expose News reports: Frank Bergman reported that it was during a panel discussion at the globalist event Gates complained that no country is moving fast enough to develop and innovate renewable energy solutions to tackle the alleged “climate crisis.”

‌Bergman continues the article below originally published in Slay News.

The third edition of “Rendez-vous de Bercy” was devoted to environmental issues and economic growth in the face of “climate change.”

Gates told the summit in Paris that nations worldwide are not advancing quickly enough to meet the goals of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” targets.

“We are behind on our short-term goals” in advancing the globalist green agenda, Gates warned.

“Rich countries owe it to the world to keep costs low for green technology,” he said.

The philanthropist sounded a more positive note when he spoke about the United Nations COP28 global climate summit, which concluded in the United Arab Emirates on December 12.

He said there was much more focus on innovation this year than at past meetings.

During his remarks at the Paris summit, Gates argued that artificial intelligence (AI) was helping the agriculture sectors in developing countries.

He claims that AI helps third-world farmers to obtain better weather forecasts and analysis of crops and climate.‌

Gates then argued that “methane emissions” from meat production are a major contributor to “climate change.”

He continued by pushing plans to manipulate cows through “breeding” to lower their “methane” output.

Gates suggested that cows could be given “some other inputs” that would presumably alter their genetic state to stop them farting and burping.

“No, I see two new very amazing approaches,” Gates said after steering the conversation to meat production.

“By improving the cow breeding, and giving them some other inputs, we can reduce their methane emissions.

And this new prioritization of the methane work, I applaud that because, in terms of the near-term temperature increase, methane plays a very big role.”

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