Hillary Clinton Demanded Election Officials ‘Shred Bernie Votes’

Fact checked
Hillary Clinton caught ordering the shredding of Bernie Sanders votes

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is so desperate for the Democratic nomination that she ordered for the shredding huge numbers of Bernie Sanders ballots during the California primaries. 

American Everyman reports:

Back when I was covering the theft of the California primary by Hillary Clinton and her regiment of neoliberal DNC (New Dems) globalist sycophants, I said we should keep an eye out for those office document shredding trucks pulling up to the polling sites before all the provincial ballots have been counted. I can’t remember which article that was in, but I remember writing it. I’m getting old I guess and I don’t have much time this morning unfortunately.

Well, I thought I was joking. I thought there was no way anyone would steal an election in such an obvious manner and then try to get away with it in an even MORE OBVIOUS way… however…

I forgot I was dealing with the kind of system that turns a blind eye to the husband of a suspected criminal under investigation hanging out with the US Attorney General on her private plane for a half hour the day before the Benghazi report came out.

I forgot I was dealing with a family with such strong ties to neoliberal globalization that the State Department would go to the trouble of filing for a court order to keep certain potentially damning emails from public view for the next 27 months… allowing for Hillary to make it into the White House (emails relate to her time as Sec. of State and the Clinton Global(ist) Initiative)

You know, sometimes a funny thing happens on the way to being funny.

Turns out, it ain’t that funny after all.

Whenever you underestimate the corruption of the Clintons, you pay the credibility deficit price. And you can think about that when you go to the polls this November as you lie in bed fretting over a “racist” President Trump.

Being a real liberal (and not a New Dem “moderate”), I used to think that ALEC or AIPAC or PNAC or the Bush family were the most corrupt political institutions in this country but in recent months I have to admit, the Clinton regime has them all beat by a Mena, Arkansas mile.

Here’s a little gem sent to us from Denise via Twitter. It is supposedly a shredding company truck parked outside a polling station right after the stolen California primary. So much for my joke. Ha ha. Joke’s on us.