Nigerian-British Actress Threatens To Perform Voodoo on Trump

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British-Nigerian actress threatens to perform voodoo on Trump

Award winning Nigerian-British actress Cynthia Erivo has warned Donald Trump that she will perform voodoo on him in order to kill or injure President.

Using her verified blue check mark Twitter account, she warned Trump that she was invoking “Juju, voodoo and magic” and claimed that Trump was “not safe.” reports: The threat was made in response to alleged comments by Trump in an Oval Office meeting with lawmakers about immigration in which he referred to African nations as ‘s***hole countries’. Trump denies he used that word but acknowledges using ‘tough’ language.

Erivo used a few Pidgin words in her threat to Trump:

“I hope all the Africans in this world call on their ancestors. See you forgot. Juju, voodoo, magic. Don’t worry Donald, we are the wrong ones. You are not safe because you are on another continent. Biko do yourself a favor, take a break. Wahala de come for you oh.”

According to online dictionaries, ‘Wahala’ means troubles and ‘Biko’ means please.,

Erivo responded to her critics (many of whom were bothered by her use of Pidgin), claiming to be a believer in Jesus Christ and that she is a ‘Nigerian-Brit’ currently living in the U.S.

Erivo called a critic ‘ridiculous’ for invoking the Secret Service.

The Wikipedia entry for Erivo reads in part:

Erivo is known for her performance as Celie in the 2015 Broadway revival of The Color Purple, for which she won the 2016 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical as well as the 2017 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album. She performed the role in the 2013 Menier Chocolate Factory production as well. Erivo is also known for her performance as Deloris Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence in the UK tour of Sister Act.

Erivo was born to Nigerian parents in Stockwell, South London.[1] She attended La Retraite R.C Girls School. Erivo began a music psychology degree at the University of East London, however a year into her degree, she applied and subsequently trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.”


    • Exactly,,, but you have to be living a righteous life… and be in The Word……. and I really doubt trump is… as a matter of fact I would make a hefty wager on it…if I was a gambling man….. still. .all in all…if God doesn’t want anything to happen to trump because God is using him to forward Gods own plan… like he did Pharoh and other people in the Bible who were unrighteous…. Then no harm can come to trump….. well at least until he has served his purpose in Gods plan… but hey./…unless People are familiar with the Bible…. they wont get it… just like they don’t get most stuff….. all in all….. God is in control….

  1. Serve you right! This Zio DEMON beast, Trump, has a delusion that he’s the guardian of the ruler of the whole world, the ANTI-CHRIST!

    • Actually you’re wrong about that. Seems you might have deluded thinking. If you know someone who has a Clue ask them if they’ll let you peek at it so you at least see a real live Clue at least once in your life.

        • you sure are stupid. And so unaware.
          Trump is hardly acting like he’s protecting the whole world and even if he is Gee what a horrible thing it is to help people.( that’s what sensible, successful people do all the time)
          Well in any case it appears that you’re going to be stupid for life. It’s great not being you.

          • You one STUPID sewer P*G! ZioNAZI Demon beast, Trump, protecting the world?!! You must be a really STUPID psycho shitholer for life!

          • Someone has put bad juju voodoo magic on you. You bring this message to somebody who can help you. You tell them you have bad juju that Voodoo bad Magic tell them you want to be happy not a dumb stupid ignoramus all your life. Maybe they will give you a potion or do a weird dance and burn stuff and make smoke for you to breathe and maybe drink blood from some sacrifice to animal or some goofy crap. Maybe something weird like that will help you because being normal sure isn’t working out for you. Have a nice life. I wish you were nearby so I could see you once in awhile just to make yourself feel better about myself and my friends. Maybe we can get you a job in the zoo. We wouldn’t tell you but actually you would be one of the exhibits.

  2. It’s getting hard to keep track of all the people positioning themselves for the Democratic nomination for President and VP campaigns in 2020

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