Violent Democrat Crowd Attack Senator Hawley’s Home – Threatening Wife and Newborn Baby

Fact checked
Violent far-left crowd swarm Senator Hawley's home threatening his wife and baby

Far-left Democrat supporters swarmed and attacked Senator Josh Hawley’s Washington DC home on Monday night, threatening his wife and newborn baby.

Senator Hawley was in Missouri during the attack. But his wife Erin and their newborn baby were at home at the time. reports: Their fake news media will, no doubt, ignore this latest attack on a mother and her baby!

Senator Hawley tweeted this on Monday night.

The Violent Democrats left signs warning Senator Hawley to NOT CHALLENGE Joe Biden’s fraudulent vote totals.

This came after Senator Hawley last week announced he will object to the electoral college certification process this week.

Democrats are so sure of their election results that they threaten anyone, including mothers and babies, who stand in their way to power!

Melissa ‘she-her’ tweeted out photos.

The leftist thugs posted this online.


  1. Exactly as ORCHESTRATED from the top down All the biggest distractions in modern history. All serving to quash the Epstein story that came so close to bringing the whole master class tumbling down

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