Former Football Player 25 Yr Old Jake Hescock Dies Following Cardiac Arrest While Jogging

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Jake Hescock

Tributes have been pouring in for former University of Central Florida (UCF) football player and Massachusetts native Jake Hescock who died following a cardiac arrest last week, according to his family.

In a Facebook group dedicated to him, his cousin Lisa Walz Mlynarczyk said that 25 year old Hescock collapsed while jogging in Boston last Tuesday.

His cousin wrote:”He was given CPR and has been on life support ever since. We were told last night that the damage to his brain from the lack of oxygen is severe” adding that a passerby had found him and provided CPR.”

On Sunday in another update his cousin confirmed that Hescock had died. She wrote “It is with a heavy heart that I have to say my cousin Jake passed on, may he Rest in Pease and forever shine his bright soul down upon us.”

On Friday, Jake’s mother, Carey Hescock, provided an update on his son.

“Jake currently remains in critical condition,” said Carey. “He remains on a ventilator that is currently breathing for him. He is on a machine that is taking the blood out of his body, oxygenating it and giving it back today. We are hoping for that to be able to be turned off today or tomorrow.”

“His heart function is having small improvements but continues to be much lower than it should be. Our main focus at the moment is at his neurological status. He is sedated, so they are keeping him asleep to allow his body to heel. When the sedation is off we are hoping to see improvements, so far they are minimal but encouraging,” she continued.

On Sunday, Jake’s cousin Lisa provided another update and announced that Jake had passed away.

“It is with a heavy heart that I have to say my cousin Jake has passed on, may he Rest in Peace and forever shine his bright soul down upon us, I’m sure Papa was there waiting for you with open arms….. forever you will be, Lil Jakers! Thank you everyone for your prayers during this difficult time,” she wrote.

UCF Football released a statement stating Jake will be missed by the Knight Nation.

“We are devastated to hear of the passing of Jake Hescock. He was beloved by everyone within Knight Nation. Our deepest condolences go out to everyone who knew Jake. He was taken too soon and will be greatly missed.”

Coach Gus Malzahn honored Hescock on Twitter, saying, “we’re heartbroken to hear of Jake’s passing. He was an incredible person, who embodied what it means to be a UCF Knight. Everyone who knew Jake loved him and he was a blessing to coach.He will be greatly missed. Kristi and I’s prayers are with his whole family.”


  1. I guess all that keeping in shape is not so good for the cardio vascular system. hmmm. I am baffled. 25 year old athelete dies of a heart attack. hmmm.
    fully vaccinated I presume? Good thing they let him play those football games after he got vaccinated.

          • we are just all frustrated that this has been done to us. lied to, poisoned, shamed, arm twisted into taking the vax. I stood my ground, because I had my eye on this ball 20 years ago. I saw this coming and I can see where we are going from here. But the “normal” people, who thought I was crazy, were just dooped into this scam, they didn’t know any better. They trusted our government and doctors. hopefully lessoned learned for the rest.
            There is hope for some, some of the vaccines were distilled water, placebos.

          • Well just like the Jews who read all of the German advertisements inviting them to move to Germany, bring their families, set up their businesses and help the German economy become great again after ww1 never believed in Hansel and gretel and the GINGER BREAD House. Nuremberg is the home of ginger bread BTW

      • you need to believe it. There is a depopulation agenda at work here. No question in my mind. And I am a very sane person. I have all my faculties.

          • wake up, you may think you are on their team, but you are just one of their useful idiots. You don’t even know it.

          • Your the servant if Satan with your homicidal delusions of grandeur and your supremacy above the word of God and His Commandments.

          • You are not sane No sane person advocates Genocide and then says theyre a Christian. Only a hypocrite would. An insane psychopath would push for others to murder all central bankers and their families.
            No Christian would.

      • Do your research Go back to the sugar cube polio vaccines distributed to innocent children in the 1960s. You will find that cancer scientist Judith Vary Baker will tell you straight out those vaccines were KNOWN to cause cancer. Look at the real pandemic of the last half a century being cancer.
        She was deceived as a high-school student by them into going and working with Dr Ferry as secret CIA agents developing Incurable cancers which they told her they were going to use on Fidel Castro. Well hundreds of millions have all died except Castro.

      • Well just keep believing what you want to believe, and ignore the facts or evidence. It’s better for your stress levels and everything.

        Besides, it won’t happen to you or your loved ones, because that would be unpossible. Fauci himself said he didn’t fund GOF research to create an immune-suppressing clot-causing spike, and that the vaccines are safe and effective(tm), so there’s not a thing to worry about.

  2. they need to operate and remove those 6ft long blood clots from the lovely spiked proteins.
    Well at least he is not in danger of dying from Covids.

  3. I wonder what could have possibly caused such a sudden and unexpected death, in someone previously young and healthy? Mmm, it’s mysterious. We need need Scooby Do to dig into this mysterious mystery… I hear doctors are baffled?

  4. What could be causing all these deaths? We’ve ruled out the vaccine. How? Science. So we know the vaxx isn’t the cause, but we’re still looking, looking, to find out what is.

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