Pope Francis Declares ‘Jesus is Satan’, Vows To Usher in ‘One World Religion’

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Pope Francis is one of the most hated men in the world today. Those who hate him most are not atheists, or protestants, or Muslims, but Christians and his own followers.

Why do Christians and Catholics hate him so much? Because Pope Francis, who happens to be an Agenda Contributor at the World Economic Forum, is fluent in blasphemy and is actively working to subvert the church and Christianity in general.

This is the pope who informed his flock that “relationships with Jesus are dangerous and harmful.” Breaking with centuries of Christian tradition, Pope Francis sparked fears that he is an illegitimate pope with a sinister agenda when he told a crowd of 33,000 pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square in Rome that “a personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus Christ” must be avoided at all costs.

And as though that wasn’t disturbing enough, Francis followed up with the equally sinister proclamation that “Jesus is Satan.” WATCH:

Pope Francis’ inverted version of Christianity is confusing for many, however the picture becomes clear when you understand who the pontiff is really serving. To quote French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, Pope Francis is a “globalist bulldog” who is loyal to the New World Order.

In 2017, Pope Francis called for a “one world government” and “political authority”, arguing that the creation of the one world government is needed to combat issues such as “climate change.” Speaking with Ecuador’s El Universo newspaper, the Pope said that the United Nations does not have enough power and must be granted full governmental control “for the good of humanity.”

Disturbingly, world religious leaders are also beginning to come together as one to preach from the same hymn sheet, instructing their sheep to accept the components of the New World Order’s one world government.

Now, Pope Francis is actively defying Biblical scripture by working to create a “one world religion.” WATCH:

First Francis shocked the Christian world by hosting Islamic prayers and Quran recitals in the Vatican.

Christians around the world should visit mosques and praise Allah, according to Pope Francis who led by example on his visit to Istanbul by entering the Blue Mosque, taking off his shoes, facing Mecca, and praising the Muslim god. 

Then came the pagan ceremony and brazen idol worship on Vatican grounds.

And in case you missed it, world leaders from a diverse collection of communities called for world unity at an inter-religious conference in Kazakhstan last week. According to Francis, “religious pluralism,” which is expressly forbidden in the Bible, is an expression of “the wisdom of God’s will.” Here is some of the story from the Catholic News Agency:

The interreligious congress in which Pope Francis participated this week in Kazakhstan adopted a declaration calling religious pluralism an expression “of the wisdom of God’s will in creation.”

The 35-point declaration was “adopted by the majority of the delegates” of the Seventh Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions Sept. 15 in the capital city of Nur-Sultan.

Pope Francis participated in the opening and closing ceremonies of the interreligious summit during his Sept. 13–15 visit to the Central Asian country.

It’s not the first time the pope has encouraged humanity to accept the New World Order and all that it entails.

In 2019, Pope Francis signed a historic covenant with leaders of the world’s major faiths, pushing us much closer to a one-world religion, one of the major goals of the New World Order.

According to the document produced by Pope Francis and published on the Vatican’s official website, all religions must be considered equal, and Islam is as acceptable to God as Christianity.

In reality, the call for global government and one world religion by Pope Francis and other wealthy elitists has nothing to do with lifting up impoverished nations or “saving humanity.” Such a government would instead guarantee global wealth inequality, global surveillance of the kind promoted by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, and a world run by the exact corrupt interests who used the pandemic to consolidate wealth and power worldwide.

Is Pope Francis the antichrist?

From the moment that Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio became pope in 2013, “prophecy experts” took to the airwaves, claiming that the new pope is “Peter the Roman,” the fulfillment of the “prophecy of St. Malachy” and that Francis will be the final pope and the end of the world.

According to St. Malachy, an Irish saint who had correctly predicted the past 111 popes ahead of the naming of the 112th pope, “Peter the Roman” would be the antichrist.

Doomsday fans have found ways to link each phrase to a corresponding pope through the centuries. That includes John Paul II, who is associated with phrase No. 110, “From the labor of the sun,” because he was born on the day of a solar eclipse and was entombed on the day of a solar eclipse as well. Benedict XVI, No. 111, is supposedly “glory of the olive” because some members of a branch of the monastic order founded by St. Benedict are known as Olivetans.

Then there’s No. 112. According to St. Malachy: “In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit … Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.”

So how does “Peter the Roman” link to Pope Francis, who was born in Argentina? His parents were Italian immigrants, from Rome, and his birth name contained the name Peter. One theologian, Michael K. Lake, is quoted as saying that “Catholic and evangelical scholars have dreaded this moment for centuries.”

The world is now at a tipping point, with a fierce battle raging for the soul of humanity. The globalists and their technocratic dreams of totalitarian rule threaten to consume humanity and destroy civilisation as we know it.

It’s clear whose side Francis is on. And we haven’t even covered the pedophilia scandal that is rotting the Catholic church from the inside out. We should keep a very close eye on this Jesuit pope during these pivotal years.


Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Praying a prayer may help you solidify your decision to ask for salvation, but the bottom line is we must BELIEVE that “Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ.” What exactly does that mean?

    The term Christ means Messiah, “the Anointed One,” especially one anointed to be king. King David and David’s descendants who became king were all “christs.” But Jesus is THE Christ par excellence. So does believing that “Jesus is the Christ” only mean believing that He is the King of Israel, and of the World?

    It includes that, but it means even more. In the Bible, to believe in means to rely on.

    John 11:25-27: “Jesus said to Martha, ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life; he who believes in (relies on) Me will live even if he dies [a promise of future physical resurrection], and everyone who lives (physically now) and believes in Me will never die [a promise of present, nonforfeitable, ever-lasting life in our spirit]. Do you believe this?’ She said to Him, ‘Yes, Lord; I have believed that You are the Christ, the Son of God, even He who comes into the world.'”

    In other words, Martha relied on what Jesus said because of Who He is: the Christ, the King Who is the Savior of the World (John 4:42). Since He is the Savior of the World, He is the Savior of ME!

    John 20:30-31: “… these (eight signs) have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name.”

    1st John 5:1– “Whoever believes (relies on the fact) that Jesus is the Christ is born of God…”

    • Yes, Francis is heading for eternal cognizant death in hell, if he dies without receiving/believing on Jesus Christ as his Savior & Lord. Francis obviously doesn’t believe in God, much less in Jesus, who paid the divine penalty for our sins, which is why ALL who reject Him shall die in their sins, and the wrath of God abides on them.

  2. Wille taking the greatest of care not to offend my brethren who sit in her pews even as I myself also once sat, it’s time to get up and leave : Rev 18:4  And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
    Rev 18:5  For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities

    • Leviathan: Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness
      Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness, and to Whom it Accrueth

      [23] The fairies in what nation soever they converse have but one universal king, which some poets of ours call King Oberon; but the Scripture calls Beelzebub, prince of demons. The ecclesiastics likewise, in whose dominions soever they be found, acknowledge but one universal king, the Pope.

      Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994.

    • When the Protestant reformation swrp across Europe from Martin Luthrts work the people rushed to embrace it as an escape from the Vatican and the Jesuits and their Inquisitions and flames , BECAUSE it was commonly believed that the Vatican was Satanic The seat of Satan. Its not new.

  3. Leviathan: Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness
    Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness, and to Whom it Accrueth

    [23] The fairies in what nation soever they converse have but one universal king, which some poets of ours call King Oberon; but the Scripture calls Beelzebub, prince of demons. The ecclesiastics likewise, in whose dominions soever they be found, acknowledge but one universal king, the Pope.

    Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994.

  4. Leviathan: Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness
    Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness, and to Whom it Accrueth

    [27] . . . For, from the time that the Bishop of Rome had gotten to be acknowledged for bishop universal, by pretense of succession to St. Peter, their whole hierarchy, or kingdom of darkness, may be compared not unfitly to the kingdom of fairies; that is, to the old wives’ fables in England concerning ghosts and spirits, and the feats they play in the night. And if a man consider the original of this great ecclesiastical dominion, he will easily perceive that the papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof: for so did the papacy start up on a sudden out of the ruins of that heathen power.

    Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994.

  5. [26] The fairies are not to be seized on, and brought to answer for the hurt they do. So also the ecclesiastics vanish away from the tribunals of civil justice.

    [27] The ecclesiastics take from young men the use of reason, by certain charms compounded of metaphysics, and miracles, and traditions, and abused Scripture, whereby they are good for nothing else but to execute what they command them. The fairies likewise are said to take young children out of their cradles, and to change them into natural fools, which common people do therefore call elves, and are apt to mischief.

    [29] When the fairies are displeased with anybody, they are said to send their elves to pinch them. The ecclesiastics, when they are displeased with any civil state, make also their elves, that is, superstitious, enchanted subjects, to pinch their princes, by preaching sedition; or one prince, enchanted with promises, to pinch another.

    [30] The fairies marry not; but there be amongst them incubi that have copulation with flesh and blood. The priests also marry not.


  6. [33] To this and such like resemblances between the papacy and the kingdom of fairies may be added this, that as the fairies have no existence but in the fancies of ignorant people, rising from the traditions of old wives or old poets: so the spiritual power of the Pope (without the bounds of his own civil dominion) consisteth only in the fear that seduced people stand in of their excommunications, upon hearing of false miracles, false traditions, and false interpretations of the Scripture. (ibid.) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a93bf151546ee23fe9241fbe61d9bceba50b9d9342103654717f6096aee8c7a1.jpg

    • This picture, should tell you all … Look at that Satan’s Deputy on this planet, look at his eyes …
      As the old saying goes ?? The eyes are the window to the soul … & his eyes show evil & psychopathy …

  7. Now, We are come to the point of the time to make a choice. If there are any here reading who know the Lord Jesus Christ- please go unto the people to proclaim His Gospel unto salvation…
    From the book of Romans: 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10:10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 10:11For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. 10:12For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. 10:13For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    I John 5:1Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loveth him that begat loveth him also that is begotten of him.

    Romans 6:23For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. *

    • Romes Kingscso hated him. And the Jews they sent out soldiers to slaughter every new born boy under the age of 2.when they heard of his possible birth. They hated him from birth. That’s how they work. Always They target people from birth.

  8. By 1792 the Jesuit Superior General, from his office in Paris viewing over the bloodbath of the revolution, declared that from here we rule Europe and China and no one knows how we do it
    Basically that’s what he said We riue the world.
    Satanism has always taught that Jesus is Satan
    Rome always hated Jesus.
    Rome was always an evil Empire, the Anti Christ Empire.
    The most bloodthirsty empire the world has ever seen.

  9. Whom ever wrote this article is IGNORANT! Real Christians, do NOT HATE others. They still love them and pray for them. It’s known as turning the other cheek which is written in the Bible…you know the verse other ignorant people take out of context and get wrong all of the time. You need to educate yourself.

    • Au contraire… Pardonne mon français… Je suis obligé d’écrire en plusieurs langues parce que: 1. La plupart des gens aux États-Unis ont subi un lavage de cerveau pour croire que les Juifs sont leur salut; et 2., leur anglais est de la merde et ils ne peuvent pas se rester silencieux assez longtemps pour entendre ou voir ce qui se passe manifestement autour d’eux.


      • And the catholic church? The report is about catholics? The biggest church in France before the revolution proably still since there are no Huegnots left there.

    • Correct But most have been raised and trained by false, prophets led by angels of light and tricked by the Great Deceiver and so aren’t real Christians, by careful design of schools and education information and entertainment.
      But fundamentally they want to be real Christians and just need to have faith in themselves and to seek the truth in the Bible alone.

    • God doesn’t forgive blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. This is doing just that – claiming God is satan. There’s no forgiveness for this evil.

  10. Israel has the red heifers, the vestments and hardware for the third temple are already made. Some say building of the third temple has already secretly begun. It won’t be long now before the Jews reveal their “messiah”. I believe Francis may well be his #1.

    • Yes, and it’s all done by the cabal to usher in the anti-christ. God-willing, it will not be allowed to happen.

      • This very thing has been prophesied in Scripture for thousands of years. It’s not optional–it will happen, and afterward Christ’s millennial kingdom.

  11. BTW there’s a video showing an aged Nun or nonne, as they used to be known, who knew Bergoglio as an infant or young child who said of him “he was a devil . She said it as if she loved the Devil.

  12. Soon, the religion of satanism which is the pathway to going to eternal Hell and damnation, the loss of God and his love and the human souls, replaced by the devil’s ego, will become normal.
    After that any of the world’s religions that God gave us, as a pathway to eternal life with God in Heaven will be outlawed.

    Very soon if anyone declares that they refuse the new one world religion, and worship of their satanic new Messiah, we will all be criminals and punished for HATE crimes and called anti-satanic.

    Anti-satanicism will become a Hate crime punishable by death.
    The WEF, WHO, UN, Global Bankers and all that they control, the entire world will become Lucifer’s new Kingdom of Hell on earth.

    The antichrist ashkeNAZI, self-loathing jews who HATE all gentiles with souls, and Hate the Gods of everyone else’s religions, but love and worship only Lucifer who is the God of Freemasonry, are the illuminati, 33 degree masons.

    They have used the money powers of the ashkeNAZI Banking system to put into place, wars in order to place into all government and private sector positions that have authority and control over the gentiles, their own freemasons.

    They have craftily convinced you these people they placed as controllers are divided into opposition groups, of good and evil, because they own and control the entire communications and entertainment media.

    They make you think you have people on your side, among the freemasons who control you and your society. It is a carefully fabricated LIE.
    It is a CON.

    Both sides are freemasons. Both sides worship Lucifer as their God.
    None of them worship the God who lives in Heaven, who created you and loves you.
    They worship the ENEMIES of God who HATE you and who were cast out of Heaven and live in eternal Hell.

    They want to use science and technology to replace God and his supernatural powers, and also to destroy the Holy spirit in you and your souls.

    The question is when are we going to stand up and make war, torture, sadism and cruelty which is the basis of Satanism, illegal instead?

    When are we going to make all human actions and deeds that put the one who commits such actions and deeds in eternal Hell, illegal and forbidden?
    When are we going to work as one people to make this earth, the kingdom of GOD, before the freemasons make their great reset and do the opposite?

    Unless we do it now, there is no HOPE.
    There is No way out of the KIngdom of Hell once it comes.

    It has come in increments ever since you gave the antichrist power, by believing the lies of ww2 and the holocaust.
    Gave the antichrist the Holy land.
    Gave the Vatican to the antichrist and freemasonry.
    Fallen for the lies of 9-11, and covid.
    Anyone who can’t figure out who the real perpetrators of these events really were, is an idiot and belongs in HeLL.

    They never accept responsibility for their CRIMES but blame it on someone else.
    They are responsible for the Holocaust, for every War since ww2, and all the wars before that, since the French revolution.

    They created the Spanish flu, Covid and 5G.
    They are the reason for “climate change” and the environment becoming anti-life.
    But they tell us to blame animals, pets, farms and people.
    They are terraforming the entire earth to be anti-life.
    They are terraforming the earth to become the kingdom of Hell, where life-itself is impossible. They want to bring death and hell to the earth permanently.
    They started a long time ago, and have done it in slow increments.

    They plan to begin in increments, with their deadly and evil VAXXXes to remove the holy spirit from your bodies and then to place nano chips into your bodies called digital IDs for your new social credit/digital money systems that will remove your souls. Then they will also in increments change and alter your DNA, to turn you into things they may own and possess, the way you do animals.

    What happened to the people who killed Jesus Christ?
    They and their descendants belong to the evil one, to Satan and Lucifer and all the fallen angels of Hell. They have no souls, no conscience, no humanity.
    They have been used to bring Lucifer’s kingdom of Hell to earth forever.
    They are the antichrist.

    You have all been worshipping the antichrist since the big holocaust con job lie that gave satan his foot in the door to destroy all of yours souls and your connection to God, or the ability to evolve and get to Heaven. It is all your own fault.
    You are just easy Marks, simpletons and idiots.

    Just like Adam and Eve you are still easy pickins for the devil and his lies. But the consequences of that are that there will be no more second chances.
    This is your one and only final opportunity to save your souls before it is too late, and you spend eternity in Hell with wicked vile evil sadistic and cruel satanists, freemasons, illuminati, the elite, who all enjoy one thing alone, your misery, pain, terror and suffering, under their complete control and domination. They get pleasure from it, it is their addiction, for entertainment and amusement, to inflict cruelty and torture on any more weak or helpless life forms.

    None of them are your “friends”. None of them are “good people”.
    They pretend to be to fool you. They pretend to oppose one another into 2 factions of good and evil to fool you.
    They are in their Glory when you fall for it.
    There is no empathy, compassion, mercy, love or any conscience in any of the elite, illuminati. satanists, or freemasons.
    They laugh at you and Hate all of you.They torture children and brag about it afterward.
    Evil is good to them and good is evil to them.
    They are upside down and backwards with everything.
    everything they think or say is the opposite of the truth.
    They are habitual, pathological and professional liars.
    Whatever they tell you is BS.

    They never tell you the truth, unless it is a way to trick you into thinking they are on your side gain your trust, then wrap that truth up in lies, tie those truths into into a knot with several of their lethal lies that will mislead you, back to their control, and make you trust that “some of them are good people”. That they are your “friends”.
    Big mistake if you fall for that over and over.

    This time you must: Defend all God’s Holy religions against the one world religion that is satanism, the religion of the devil, in disguise.

    None of them are on your side, it must be by and for all the Gentile people against Satanism/freemasonry. All as one defending our religious FREEDOM.
    They have already denied religious freedom in their model nation China.

    They have established satanic covens and churches everywhere.
    They have implemented satan clubs in the schools.
    Then this is what is coming next.
    Forced Satanism will replace God with the one world religion.
    What else would these monsters who call themselves “the elite” want?
    Unless we fight evil with GOOD, fight the control and HATE of Satan with God’s LOVE.
    We must establish the worship of God, and all our religions as our permanent right, before they demand their own one world religion of satanism become the only religion allowed.

  13. It will be much easier to bring all gentiles together into one religion, then turn that religion into satanism.
    That is the goal.

  14. The Pope had said his most important mentor was Esther Ballestrino de Careaga, a “fervent communist”.

    From ‘The American Spectator’ May, 2017 –

    “She often read Communist Party texts to me and gave them to me to read. So I also got to know that very materialistic conception. I remember that she also gave me the statement from the American Communists in defense of the Rosenbergs, who had been sentenced to death,” he has said. Learning
    about communism, he said, “through a courageous and honest person was helpful. I realized a few things, an aspect of the social, which I then found in the social doctrine of the Church.” As the archbishop of Buenos Aires, he took pride in helping her hide the family’s Marxist literature from the authorities who were investigating her. According to the author James Carroll, Bergoglio smuggled her communist books, including Marx’s Das Kapital, into a “Jesuit library.”

  15. The Key to Jesus’ thinking is all people are equal, not just Born Equal But Equal. It’s obvious the Pope by his behavior doesn’t believe that.

  16. It amazes me that so many publications – such as newspunch – further the lie of this occult organization. There are plenty of lies repeated by those who love them. The author’s use of the english language in the first few sentences suggests that he doesn’t see protestants as Christians. Additionally, the author can’t be a follower of the teaching of Christ. Christ taught to call no man ‘father’ – for we have one heavenly Father. And yet, the author can’t stop calling this heretic ‘father’.

    • tpv is ultimately a Q style operation David Icke had a big hand in setting it up although apprently no longer involved with it.
      That should be enough information it is for me any way! I wouldnt be the least bit be surprised if figures like Elon Musk or Trump donate to it!.

  17. Of course, the first mistake that the author makes is equating catholicism with Christianity. catholicism is actually antiChrist; don’t believe me? Just read the Bible for yourself. The Word warns us of this abomination.
    Secondly, note that every ‘pope’ since approximately 1100 has been jewish… Starting to see a pattern?
    Also, the author incorrectly calls these minions of satan that met together ‘religious leaders’ ; they may be cult leaders in and among their own people, but I guarantee you, I have only ONE religious leader and He is Jesus. Period. Scripture is clear on this. All others are just cultists/occultists. No one comes to the Father except thru the Son.

  18. The Vatican/ Roman Catholic church has always been rotten to it’s core. The blind leading the blind. Sorry folks, religion is a way to control the masses, always has been. Since Constantine, the council of Nicea in christianity and before. It is, without a doubt, the domain of egotists aka Satanists like this jesuit. Always wondered why people used to be afraid of the jesuits. I don’t wonder anymore. Also realise that the now notorious Dr. Fauci is also a former jesuit poster boy. All roads lead to Rome-as they say.

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