Chris Christie Bedazzled By Donald Trump’s Head

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Donald Trump

During last night’s Super Tuesday victory speech in Florida, Donald Trump came under close scrutiny by his former rival and now vice-presidential material Chris Christie.

The governor of New Jersey stood behind the Donald and managed to get lost in a thousand yard stare that saw right into the back of the Donald’s hairpiece and into the crowd and the cameras.

The social media picked up on the rare event and came alive during the night.

Komo News reports:

Christie, who endorsed Trump after ending his own Presidential campaign stood behind Trump’s shoulder as Trump delivered his stump speech and took questions from reporters.

Christie’s facial expressions raised eyebrows on Twitter, as the topic trended with more than 70 thousand mentions.

Some shared concerns about the New Jersey Governor.

While Christie did not appear to be very happy during the press conference, Twitter was delighted. By the time Trump wrapped up his speech Chris Christie was trending. Donald Trump, however, was not.