McCarthy: Election Proves Americans LOATHE Democrats

Fact checked
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says election proves Americans dislike Democratic Party

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has slammed Democratic leaders, arguing that the recent elections have proved the American people are “fed up” with their rampant corruption.

McCarthy made the remarks on Sunday, shortly after the 117th Congress took office.

The minority leader marked the occasion by blasting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s toxic leadership.

Rep. Pelosi made the last two years some of the “least productive” in congressional history, McCarthy declared.

“Two months ago today, the American people said enough,” McCarthy said.

“Enough with politicians who dictate what you can say, where you can eat, and whether you can go to church.”

“Enough with politicians who ignore the stay-at-home lockdowns they impose on the rest of us,” the minority leader added.

“Enough with the arrogance and the hypocrisy. Americans are fed up with it and we Republicans are too.” reports: The minority leader asserted that the embrace of radical ideas, including defunding the police, by some progressive Democrats had created an opportunity for Republicans to show they had the voters’ best interests in mind.

“As the Party of Lincoln, Republicans understand what it means to carry our constituents’ concerns with us at all times,” McCarthy said. “We are a growing, working-class coalition of proud Americans — more energetic, united, and confident than ever before.”

“We have listened to our constituents,” he added. “And we made a Commitment to America to restore our way of life, to rebuild the economy, and to renew the American Dream.”

McCarthy’s remarks came shortly after Pelosi secured another term as speaker. Pelosi’s victory, however, was narrow and without a majority of the 435-member House. In fact, the speaker only held on, in part, because of help from “the squad” a group of progressives and self-described democratic socialists, led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Pelosi’s slim hold on the speakership came after Democrats lost ten house seats this past November. The majority of the losses came from moderate districts that had previously voted for Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.


  1. More cover ups And more anti democratic propaganda Just what the Master Class ordered Like taking candy from babies. Hook line and stinker

  2. Who are they trying to kid? Republicans are ever bit as dirty as Democrats. The corruption is government-wide, not limited to one party or the other.

    • The only difference is Trump because the Democrats were so sure Hilarity Jane would win against him He’s the unique thing Otherwise yes they both pretty equal Greedy self serving opportunistic subjects to the rule of claw.

  3. To everyone who have been listening to both sides of the story objectively the thing the election has proven is that the msm are Blatant liars . Blatant straight out liars and deceivers No doubt at all And it also demonstrates that about 50 % of the American population are either lazy stupid or thoroughly careless about being informed instructed and governed by criminals. So basically there’s very little hope at all for anything good to emerge from the final years of americas global superpower status aybe a massive war against Russia if the demons get in or a war against China if the republicans win Either way the shadows will make sure America gets totally worn down and almost defeated before stepping in to finish off either adversary and step up as the new Saviours of the Free World and new conquerors of all the wretched refuse on the bloody shores of the combatants All prearranged and played out like a show. Most likely

    • Pretty much exactly how Germany and Russia were played as suckers in ww1 Same deal. Same outcome The west to the rescue.

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