THOUSANDS of New Zealand Citizens FINALLY Rise Up Against ‘New World Order’ Vax Mandates

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Thousands of New Zealanders rise up against New World Order vaccine mandates

Thousands of New Zealanders have risen up against ‘New World Order’ vaccine mandates, as residents finally begin holding their authoritarian government to account.

On Tuesday, entrances to the parliament building were closed off by police as protestors marched through Wellington and stood outside parliament.

Peaceful demonstrators held signs including ‘Freedom’ and ‘Kiwis are not lab rats’ – while demanding that the government roll back their unconstitutional restrictions.

‘I’m asking (the government) to give us back 2018. Simple as that. I want my freedoms back.’ reports: The Prime Minister last month said the country would require teachers and workers in the health and disability sectors to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and has pledged to end restrictions only after 90 per cent of the eligible population is inoculated.

That threshold is higher than many other countries and has invited criticism from people calling for more freedoms, while the mandate will be a hurdle for those looking to get back to work but still avoiding the jab.


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