Poll Shows Kamala Harris Is ‘Most Loathed VP in Recorded History’

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VP Kamala Harris most loathed Vice President in U.S. history, new poll reveals

It’s official: Kamala Harris is literally the most loathed Vice President in U.S. history.

According to a USA Today poll, Harris’ approval rating is historically low at 28 percent, lower than any vice president in recorded history.

“The closest comparison – which involves slightly different methodology and margins of error – would be former Vice President Dick Cheney, the most unpopular US vice president in polling history,” Business Insider reports.

“He bottomed out at 30% in Gallup’s tracking survey, but that wasn’t until the end of former President George W. Bush’s second term in 2007.”

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Public disdain for Biden is also increasing, with 64 percent of respondents, including 28 percent of Democrats, saying they don’t want the illegitimate president to run for a second term.


  1. She’s a joke. A crack head for VP just because of racism and gender politics is enough of a joke in itself but her behaviours completely off the planet She is literally like a lunatic let loose.

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