Pentagon Breaks Silence About ‘Evidence’ Taylor Swift Is a ‘Psy-Op’ Pushing Globalist Agenda

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A Pentagon spokesperson has labelled claims that Taylor Swift is being used as an “asset” as part of a psychological operation pushing the globalist agenda is nothing more than a “crazy conspiracy theory.”

Given the Pentagon’s track record, this probably means it’s true.

The theory that Swift is an “asset” gained traction after Fox News host Jesse Watters highlighted it on his show, asking “why is Taylor Swift everywhere?”

Watters noted that the idea of using Taylor Swift to combat “online misinformation” was discussed at a NATO meeting in 2019. Swift also experienced a political awakening around the same period, suddenly promoting liberal policies and Democrat politicians to her fan base.

Watters further noted that A-list celebrities have been used as intelligence assets by the U.S. government in recent decades to push certain agendas.

Modernity report: Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh has actually addressed the issue in remarks to Politico, albeit in pun form, stating “as for this conspiracy theory, we are going to Shake It Off.”

Singh added “But that does highlight that we still need Congress to approve our supplemental budget request as Swift-ly as possible so we can be Out Of The Woods with potential fiscal concerns.”

Really though, why is Taylor Swift everywhere?

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