War Against ISIS A ‘Hoax Created By USA’, Claims Expert

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The US war on ISIS is completely fake as the organisation were created by Washington, claims analyst

The US war against ISIS and other terrorist organisation is “a total hoax” due to the fact that Washington created these organisations in order to implement it’s policy in the Middle East, a political analyst has claimed. 

Writer and analyst Stephen Lendman says American’s role in the Middle East is to destabilize and devastate its populations, and has absolutely nothing to do with destroying fake terrorist organisations such as ISIS and al-Qaeda.

America’s so-called war on terrorism is a total hoax. America isn’t waging war on ISIS [Daesh/ISIL], or other terrorist groups, it created these groups, it is supporting them, it’s acting as its air force,” Lendman told Iranian state television. .

The bombing campaign America is conducting in Syria and Iraq are not targeting these [terrorist] groups, they’re targeting infrastructure, they’re targeting government sites, and they’re killing civilians indiscriminately, whereas accusations of Russia killing civilians are completely fabricated – accusations without evidence, because none exists,” he said.

Presstv.com reports:

“But there’s a plenty of evidence, that in all US wars, I mean all of them, go back to the beginning of the Republic, civilians have been killed indiscriminately. The great majority of casualties in America’s wars have been civilians. That’s the way it has been since the country’s inception, that’s the way it is now,” the analyst stated.

Since late last year, the United States and some its allies have been conducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.

The US says its airstrikes are targeting Daesh terrorists but some analysts have criticized the aerial military campaign, saying the strikes are meant to destroy the Arab countries’ infrastructure, and remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power.

On September 30, Russia began airstrikes against ISIL terrorists wreaking havoc in Syria at a request from the government of President Assad. Since then, Moscow has carried out hundreds of airstrikes against terrorists in Syria, killing hundreds of militants.

“Russia scrupulously avoids killing civilians. Extensive surveillance precedes the strikes that Russia is making against terrorist groups, against ISIS, against al-Qaeda, against al-Nusra, against like-minded groups, and against small splinter groups,” Lendman said.

He noted that the United States “simply has no concerns to humanity. And this is the way America wages its wars. Russia does it in the exact opposite way. The criticism against it is completely unjustified, and reprehensible.”

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