6 Fully Jabbed Doctors Drop Dead in Canada Within Days – Experts Baffled

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6 jabbed doctors drop dead within days - media blackout

Six fully jabbed doctors have died in Canada within days of each other, leaving experts baffled as to the cause of their deaths.

Here is what we know about each of the doctors so far and how they died:

Dr. Paul Hannam – 50 years old – died July 16, 2022 – Died of sudden cardiac failure early into a fun run.

Dr. Lorne Segall – 49 years old – died July 17, 2022.

Dr. Stephen Mckenzie – died July 18, 2022 – According to McKenzie’s office, the nature of his illness was not disclosed.

Dr. Jakub Sawicki – died July 19, 2022 – He looked to be in his 30s or early 40s.

Dr. Candace Nayman – 27 years old – died July 28th, 2022 – She collapsed while swimming as she competed in a triathlon. She died the next day. Likely heart related.

All of the above passed away within the Greater Toronto Area. There is another who died in July as well.

Dr. Shariar Jalali Mazlouman – 44 years old – lived in Melville, Saskatchewan – died on July 23, 2022. Some reports state he was found dead in a local swimming pool.


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    • Stellar.. if you have a moment or two check out “The Valley of Greta” Taki’s Magazine August 01, 2022.

  3. Just as with the ongoing, tragic and illegal invasion of America the repeated news and warnings of the potential dangers of the mRNA Jabs and the victims of the experiment fall increasingly on deaf ears. People are overcome by it, made numb. You would think this one story would garner much more public attention. We have so many young professionals in health care that the loss of 6 in one community goes without costs to the wider population? Sad.

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