Merck Pay Mothers To Try Experimental Vaccine That “Might Cause Cancer”

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Merck pay pregnant mothers to accept experimental vaccine that could induce abortion as side-effect

Big Pharma company Merck is paying new mothers to take part in a round of Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine trials that could cause cancer as a side-effect. 

The University of Alabama at Birmingham recently announced a collaboration with Merck to trial the vaccine on postpartum mothers aged between 16 and 26. reports: The researchers somehow believe not enough people are being vaccinated for HPV, and the desired outcome of the study is officially to get more young women vaccinated.

According to Vaccine Impact:

‘Merck and UAB want to test the vaccine on 16 to 26 year old postpartum mothers because “the immune response in young women is less robust than in adolescents,” and because “no studies have examined immunogenicity in postpartum women specifically.”

Therefore, 16 to 26 year old young mothers who have just given birth at the UAB hospital will become test subjects of the Gardasil 9 vaccine.

The study is scheduled to start on June 1, 2018.

The “Responsible Party” who apparently designed the study at UAB is Professor Warner Huh.

The contact person for the clinical vaccine trials is Sarah Dilley, MD 205-934-2749 (Source.)’

One might be able to construct an argument solid enough to hold up in court, for the fact that the HPV vaccine Merck produces is the most dangerous vaccine on the market, whether it is Cervarix, Gardasil 9, or the other variations of the HPV vaccine that are all very similar.

The HPV vaccine is the most dangerous one on the market. The different versions of it are all similarly harmful and known to cause injury.

Here’s an oft-summarized breakdown of the evidence.

The HPV vaccine, given in 3 doses over a period of several weeks, is known to cause paralysis, the collapse of a person’s immune system, specific cancers such as leukemia, and every other problem in-between. It is usually somewhere between the second and third doses of the HPV vaccine when the serious symptoms occur.

At the very best, the HPV vaccine symptoms will be serious general malaise, tiredness, what happens when the potent endocrine disruptor mercury is injected with aluminum and “virus-like particles.”

At worst a person might die, like Colton Berrett, may he rest in peace. Well summarized by Stop Mandatory Vaccination:

“Colton was administered the third round of the Gardasil/ HPV Vaccine on February 1, 2014, about a month and a half just shy of his 14th birthday. About two weeks after, he experienced a painful neck ache following the vaccine and was given Tylenol to alleviate the pain. Adventurous by nature, the next day, Colton and his dad went motor-cross riding to use Colton’s new bike. That day when he arrived home, he became pale, started to feel nauseous, and was not well that evening – he headed to bed. Kathleen continued to check on him throughout the night and Colton expressed he could not use his right arm. Intuitively, Kathleen worried if he had spinal meningitis and if her son was going paralyzed. A mother’s or any concerned parent’s nightmare.

Colton’s dad brought Colton to urgent care at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City the next morning, on Monday, February 17, 2014. Colton was almost completely paralyzed and that was the beginning of his 88 day hospital stay. Doctors and staff discovered through speaking with Colton’s parents that he was healthy, active, and not sick, until he received the HPV Vaccine two weeks earlier and experienced the neck ache. It was agreed that Colton suffered a severe adverse reaction and vaccine injury to the Gardasil vaccine. The doctors reported his vaccine injury to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).”

It has been reported that instances of healthy, breast-fed infants have passed away after their mothers were vaccinated with the HPV vaccine. One case cited is VAERS ID: 398755, which can be found at the VAERS database here.

While the government has become obligated to report vaccine injuries in rarely referenced VAERS reports, something called the “People’s VAERS Report” exists as well.

You’d be surprised how many people are accidentally injected with vaccines meant for different people.

Multiple people have been mistakenly injected with the HPV vaccine, notably infants or very young people who become severely injured shortly after.

One prime example was Chace Topperwein of New Zealand. The infant received an accidental injection of the HPV vaccine, and sadly lost his life from leukemia after his health declined. Hayley Willar is another person who received the HPV vaccine and got the same type of cancer, leukemia.

So now that you know about vaccine injury, this university wants to take money from the people who make these vaccines, to experiment on mothers with them. Doesn’t sound like a nice plan.

This issue is really important right now, because governments are trying to make vaccination mandatory. A non-optional, involuntary, forceful injection of something that has been proven to injure and kill is nothing short of a threat of death.

It is irrelevant whether or not authorities recognize that the HPV vaccine can kill: it can kill and can injure, and it is therefore a threat of death to force people to receive it.

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