Police Arrest Active Shooter Suspect At Ohio High School

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active shooter

Police have arrested a suspect in an active shooter situation at a high school in Columbus, Ohio.

SWAT officers made the arrest following reports of an active shooter at the Columbus Scioto High School on Friday morning.

Police have seized a weapon with no reports of any injuries.

WZZM13 reports:

The incident occurred at Scioto High School in Columbus. All students are accounted for, according to a spokesperson for the department.

The police tweeted, “SWAT made an arrest, gun taken, no injuries.”

Columbus City Schools said that students and staff at the school are safe and urged parents to not come to the school.

The first call reporting an active shooter came at 8:33 a.m. Shortly after, police said they were responding and advised people to avoid the area.

Officers made the arrest at 8:58 a.m. Officers continue to search the building as a precaution, but the suspect is in police custody.

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