Exclusive Update: Trump Closer To Choosing Kasich As VP

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Less than a month ago, we reported exclusive information from a source with close ties to the Donald Trump Presidential campaign who told us that Trump was planning on choosing competitor John Kasich as his running mate.

In an article titled, Insider Reveals The Shocking Person Who Is Trump’s VP Choice, we wrote:

YourNewsWire.com has exclusively learned from sources connected to the Trump campaign that Trump and his advisors allegedly have been having meetings as early as October, 2015 with one of his opponents – a person that Donald Trump feels will be the best bet for a running mate in what is sure to be a tight election.

“Trump and [John] Kasich had a meeting in October [2015] where they discussed the election moving forward. The source continues: “[Donald] Trump straight-out asked Kasich if he would consider being his running mate. Trump felt at the time that if Kasich won Ohio – a state Trump desperately needs to win the Presidential election – then Kasich would be the absolute smartest pick for a running mate.”

Our source tells us that in that meeting, Kasich and Trump committed to nothing official, but agreed that if Trump took the lead, Kasich would jump on board.

Our source went onto say: “Trump has Kasich on standby – they will discuss when to announce their joint ticket very soon – and then everyone will know that this has been the plan all along.”

That was dated March 16, 2016. Now, NBC has released a recent report that further confirms there may be some collusion happening between the Kasich and Trump campaigns.

The NBC report titled, Trump, Kasich Campaigns Shut Out Cruz Camp in Michigan, reads:

Donald Trump’s campaign is claiming a win in Michigan after getting five supporters elected to a handful of key national convention committee spots — and, along with Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s campaign, shutting Sen. Ted Cruz out of those committees in Michigan entirely. 

On Saturday, the Michigan delegation to the Republican National Convention chose their representatives on the Rules, Platform, Credentials and Permanent Organization committees of the convention. Trump delegates were elected to both slots on the Credentials Committee and one slot each on the Rules, Platform and Permanent Organization committees. Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s delegates took the remaining three slots.

What does this mean? It means that Cruz has been effectively shut out of having any support when it comes to the Michigan convention slots. The article continued:

The Kasich campaign also trumpeted the Michigan results as evidence of their “organizational strength.” 

“Despite challenges from other campaigns, we showed organizational strength, defended the slate and picked up key committee assignments” in Michigan, Kasich spokeswoman Emmalee Kalmbach.

A Cruz aide charged that Trump and Kasich’s supporters conferred and agreed to collectively vote for each other’s chosen candidates.

But, what does this have to do with the Vice Presidency? Well, it didn’t take long for political strategists to see what was happening:

The fact that it now has been confirmed that they are working together, at least in some ways, has sent ripples through both candidate’s supporters.

We reached out to one of our sources close to the campaign who again spoke with us on the condition of anonymity, and they had some exclusive information to share:

The secret is that both the Trump and Kasich campaigns are fueling the rumors that Kasich is holding out until the convention because ‘Kasich wants the party elite to choose him over Cruz or Trump'”.

There is a reason for this: both Trump and Kasich realize they needed to get Kasich out there in front of the American people so they could get to know him before Trump chooses him. They knew by floating such ridiculous notion [that Kasich believes he will be the nominee over Trump or Cruz] would get people talking about Kasich. So far, it’s working.

Our source had this to add about the recent “surprise” closed-door meeting between GOP elite leaders and Donald Trump:

“The closed door meeting he [Trump] had with GOP leaders was when he confirmed to them that he was choosing Kasich. That is why all of the sudden the GOP leaders are suddenly much more quiet or vocal about their reservations about Trump. To them, Kasich is a safe bet, just as Johnson was for Kennedy – who was also considered a radical at the time.”

So, there you have it. Do you think that the latest instance of the Trump and Kasich campaigns means we will soon see a Trump/Kasich 2016 ticket? We reached out to Trump supporter Sara Galliano of Louisiana and asked her how she felt about a possible Kasich VP.

She told us: “I personally do not like Kasich after some of the things he has said about Trump in the recent past. I also do not like his stance on amnesty or allowing refugees to enter without the USA being able to properly vet them. I would be angry if Trump chose Cruz, so I would happily vote a Trump/Kasich ticket over any Cruz ticket no matter who he chooses (sic). “In fact, I will not vote at all if Cruz is the nominee and almost 1/3 or more of Trump supporters feel that way, assuring Clinton a win against Cruz.”

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  1. Bullshit. Trump is running to stop commie bastards like Kasich & cruz. Stop spreading these lies

  2. Bullshit. Trump is running to stop commie bastards like Kasich & cruz. Stop spreading these lies

  3. Kasich has made it well known that he wants nothing to do with Trump. He is hoping for a contested convention to try and steal the nomination! Not believing this story!!!

  4. Kasich has made it well known that he wants nothing to do with Trump. He is hoping for a contested convention to try and steal the nomination! Not believing this story!!!

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