Ann Coulter: ‘Trump Will Be The Last Republican President’

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Best selling author and conservative pundit Ann Coulter — one of the few pundits to predict Donald Trump's presidential win — said that because of changing demographics and the fact that most recent immigrants vote Democrat, Donald Trump "will be the last Republican president."

Best selling author and conservative pundit Ann Coulter — one of the few pundits to predict Donald Trump’s presidential win — said that because of changing demographics and the fact that most recent immigrants vote Democrat, Donald Trump “will be the last Republican president.”

In a Nov. 28 interview with Breitbart News Daily, Coulter warned, “Every day, more and more immigrants turn 18 and start voting, canceling out all of your votes. It’s about five more years.

“Trump will be the last Republican president.

You think, ‘Oh well, we may get another Supreme Court nomination, that will save us,‘” she said.  “No, no, the Democrats – as we saw in this last election – they can’t wait 10 years for demographics to change, they have to invent the Russia conspiracy. They’re so upset about this brief interregnum with Donald Trump. No.

Why even fight the Florida or Georgia elections?” she continued.  “The whole country will be yours moments from now. No, we can’t wait, we can’t wait.”

So, I assume they’ll pack the court,” said Coulter.  “It won’t matter how many Trump appoints – he could appoint, replace four Supreme Court justices. Then President Beto [O’Rourke] or President Kamala [Harris] will come in and say, ‘Hey, I think we need four more justices on the Supreme Court.’”

Later in the interview Coulter described how close the 2016 race was and explained why Trump cannot plan on running the same type of race in 2020 if he wants to serve a second term.

They barely won the last election,” Coulter said of the 2016 Trump campaign. “It was very exciting, it was great, everyone remembers election night. You always have this feeling we’re invincible and ha, ha, ha you guys are losers, you lost.

But “it was really close,” she said. “You switch 80,000 votes, mostly in the industrial Midwest, and he [Trump] loses.”

I told him directly during the transition,” said Coulter,  “‘If you don’t keep your promises, you run the exact same election four years from now, and just through the process of immigrants turning 18 and block voting for the Democrats, you lose the exact same election.’”

Ann Coulter’s latest book, a New York Times best seller, is Resistance Is Futile! How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind. 

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. I made a detailed blog PROVING that Trump is the last Repub potus…between aging and dying conservative boomers, millions of kids who have been indoctrinated in public schools reaching voting age, millennials now being the largest voting block, identity politics with every group from BLM, LGBTQ, latinos, feminists, socialists, communists, antifa Nazis and on and on– there is no way traditional Americans can put another Republican in the white house.
    Factor in possible amnesty for 20+ million illegals, changing of voting standards for the felons, rising Islamic populace, fraudulent provisional, paper, early-voting and mail-in ballots ( which go 90% dem ) and we might not ever even have a close election ever again.
    Once dems control the house, senate ( GA, FLA, TX and AZ are turning blue) presidency and add 4 or 5 more seats on the SCOTUS ( FDR was going to do this before-look it up)– things could get very ugly for “deplorables.”
    We actually could see a worst-case scenario where first they eliminate the 2nd Amendment and then “round up” the “dissidents” who are “impeding progress”— get your house in order and get right spiritually– our reprieve is nearing its end.

  2. ” Sorry we have to use and bomb your country Iraqis, but you let Saddam come to power, we are going to instill Demonocracy in your country”
    Ann Coulter

  3. Because of one problem: conservative’s social stances are archaic. Their own numbers are dwindling because they can’t even take care of their health! The “I don’t care” attitude of “New Conservatives” didn’t take over fast enough. It’s not that anyone even wants to support Democrats. But when they’re the only party that calls gays human, allow people who support Marxist European ideas like a Welfare state, or supports people who do not tolerate Abrahamic religions like xtianity “just because”, there isn’t another mainstream choice.

    Conservative areas also have notoriously odious economies, toxic social climates and tons of immigrant and drug-addict problems (it is RED areas that attract the ilk, then swing ultra-blue). Find a nice wealthy suburban area, and you’re going to find a moderately liberal/blue area. Very rarely will they lean too much the other way. Even then, that means it’s not safe for anyone other than a WASP.

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