Rand Paul: ‘Threat of War Around the World Is Greatly Diminished with Bolton out’

Fact checked
Rand Paul says threat of war is reduced now that Bolton is out

Senator Rand Paul says the firing of National Security Adviser John Bolton means the threat of war is now “greatly diminished.”

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Your World” on Tuesday, Sen. Paul said, “I think the threat of war around the world is greatly diminished with Bolton out of the White House. I think he had a naive point of view for the world that we should topple regimes everywhere and institute democratic governments and we would make the world perfect or remake the world in our image and frankly doesn’t work that way. There’s a lot of history of getting rid of strongmen in the Middle East and having them replaced by vacuums or chaos. Or actually making the place more hospitable for terrorist training.”

He added, “I think his idea that the way you deal with Iran is topple the government or the whale — the way you deal with North Korea is topple the government. The president is talking about not having regime change and finding a diplomatic solution of some of these conflicts around the world, and I think the president deserves to have somebody who’s his national security visor who actually will try to further his policy and not try to stymie it.”


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