Schumer: Mark May Words – We’ll Vote To Ensure Trump NEVER Runs Again

Fact checked
Chuck Schumer promises Trump won't ever run again

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer has vowed that his party will ensure President Trump never runs for office again.

The Democrats know they cannot legitimately beat President Trump at the ballot box in 2024, which is why they are desperately trying to push their impeachment sham through the Senate.

“Healing and unity will only come if there is truth and accountability …” Schumer warned. “So let me be clear, there will be an impeachment trial in the United States Senate. There will be a vote on convicting the President of high crimes and misdemeanors. And if the President is convicted, there will be a vote on barring him from running again.”

WATCH: reports: Last week the House voted to impeach President Trump with a 232-197 vote.

10 Republicans joined Democrats and voted in favor of impeachment.

Speaker Pelosi is still holding on to the articles of impeachment and likely using it to control who Trump pardons in his final days in office.


  1. The Senate had to vote on it last Friday but they didnt meet .They cant Impeach without the Senates voting in agreement .Its more headlines to quash their stolen election with more smoke screens to bury Epstein using their pandemic and the theft and now the impeachment They ARE that DESPERATELY GUILTY .And everyone who isnt an accomplice, which doesnt leave that many in government or bureaucracy ,all know it .And obviously the Guilty know it .

  2. Can’t hold a Senate trial for a private citizen you fucking moron. Read the Constitution, dumbass.

  3. I know the evil seditious democrats don’t care about our Constitution but you can not impeach a private citizen.

  4. It’s very stea ge indeed After the ele tion the experts were saying the republicans would control the Senate and the congress both houses anyway We gave lords and common as muck separations like England really They ha e different t names but it all means the same Lords and commoners .Really Anyway now that’s all gone with the wind too and Mitch and Schumer are playing umpires or team captains or gruppenfurhers. And spell check pretends it’s never heard if them ,and somehow two Trump gatwes are in charge with the third hater sitting as madame guillotine aka Pelosi.How dus they manage to orchestrate that total reversal of the experts opinions?

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