Italian Police Smash Pedophile Ring That Shared Images Including Newborn Babies

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Italian police smash pedo ring

Italian police say they have broken up a child pornography ring that was being used to share horrifying material via an instant messaging platform.

Police said that illicit material, including photos of acts with newborns, was being shared on a well-known instant messaging platform

The Guardian reports: Police said on Saturday that the crackdown involved dozens of search warrants and led to the arrest of three people for allegedly possessing what was described in a statement as “huge quantities of pornographic material depicting minors”. About 50 people are under investigation.

The police statement said investigators had discovered photos of nude minors and other “horrifying content, depicting actual sexual violence where the victims were often newborns”.

Police said some of the images had been produced at home. Material was exchanged on an instant messaging platform that investigators did not identify except to say it was well-known.


  1. No surprise Do you remember when the Vatican when having a party ” lost ” a families teenage daughter .? Her family and local residents couldnt get the police to do anything to help so all marched on Vatican city and formed a protest demanding answers ,and the return of the girl .The Vatican simply ignored them till cold and hungry and wet they had to just go away .The girl has never been found and the law has done nothing and the media has just forgotten .

  2. Notice the police protecting the messaging service that is well known .As usual yet the messaging service censors everything that isnt left wing progressive Democratic supporting .The evidence.

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