‘Let’s Not Pretend This Has Been A Routine Election’ Says Radio Host Mark Levine

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Mark Levine

American lawyer, author and conservative radio host, Mark Levin claimed on Wednesday that many of the voting procedures that contributed to the unusual result in the 2020 election were both extraordinary and unacceptable.

Breitbart reports: In a Facebook post, Levin wrote:

“Let’s step back. I’ve been hearing commentators trying to normalize all these changes to voting procedures and court interventions and acting like this has gone on throughout our history or was compelled by the virus. That’s clearly not true. Mail-in voting was pushed hard by the Democrats and they’ve filed scores of lawsuits to change the rules set by state legislatures. Unfortunately, activist courts have been more than happy to accommodate many of them and the Supreme Court failed to put its foot down. No, none of us recall a time like this when so many crucial state counts are delayed. There’s also a legitimate concern about backdoor voter harvesting in some areas. And we know for a fact that cities like Philadelphia have a problematic history. So let’s not pretend that this has been a routine election. Many of the same forces that rejected Trump’s 2016 election have tried to manipulate the system this time as well.”

As of the time Levin wrote, the presidential race was undecided, with additional mail-in ballots threatening to tip the balance in the Electoral College narrowly to former Vice President Joe Biden over President Donald Trump.


  1. It was clearly a pre orchestrated arrangement set up by the swamp establishment the class war warriors , to steal by deceit and deceiving the public using their msm and isps and via Vanguard Corporation and its major shareholders ,those behind Keith Ranierte aka Vanguard , and Epstein et al to defraid the world in order to protect their biggest secrets .

  2. The best way to steal it and look innocent is yo make it neck and neck to the finish with the cheaters pony just winning by a nose Ask any jockey .

  3. Its the mob of them basically ..They want to save face They have to bury Epsteins island . They have to get Trump out to do it ,and if the demos get in were all stuffed Fascism and war will reign supreme masked by a sickening charade of freedom .

  4. When the swamp trotted out Biden to make a speech and look presidential, that was the signal to start cheating. Because these actions are criminal, the supreme will end up getting involved. The election will be decided by the courts. The DNC has been getting away with this criminal behavior so long in congressional and other elections, they decided to do this on a national level. I expect when all is done, election laws will be tightened and many people will face charges which they won’t expect.

  5. It’s official, I’m living in a country populated with fucking morons. They are voting for the destruction of this once great Republic. Enjoy your socialism, assholes.

  6. … to concede to these thieves is not an option…We know now with vivid definition who the enemy is and they are many but we are more they are evil but we are righteous. Lets take it to them in numbers they can only dream about, show them we will not be silenced by tactics..

    Their mistake will be thinking that we will let it all pass we will eventually accept this defeat…No Mr President lets see that fight once again…WWG1WGA

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