Leaked Documents Reveal Israel Attempted To Arm Syrian Rebels

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Israeli officials tried to organize a transfer of arms to Syrian opposition groups, according to leaked documents.

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Israeli officials tried to recruit agents in Lebanon and Syria to transfer weapons to Syrian rebels, according to a report from the Lebanese Al-Akhbar news site.

The news website, considered affiliated with Hezbollah, reported on Thursday that it had obtained documents revealing that Israeli officials tried to coordinate the transfer of weapons to Syrian opposition forces.

Haaretz report:

According to the report, the hackers managed to break into the computers of Israeli defense officials, acquiring files, transcripts, phone numbers, addresses and secret documents. The hackers also hacked the computer and tapped the phone of “the Druze official closest to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,” Mandi Safdi, a former parliamentary aide to MK Ayoub Kara (Likud).

According to the report, the surveillance of Safdi, which lasted several months, exposed senior Lebanese and Syrian officials as cooperating with Israel.

The obtained documents revealed an attempt by Safdi to recruit Lebanese and Syrian agents and to transfer arms to Syrian opposition groups, the report said. Contact between an Islamic State member and Israel was also revealed, according to the report.

The documents also pointed out coordination between Syrian opposition elements and Lebanese groups and Israel in obtaining information about Hezbollah outposts and members.

According to the report, Al-Akhbar intends to release the documents gradually.



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