Earthquake Warning? Red Crabs Continue To Invade California

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California continues to be plagued by red crabs washing up along its beaches , and this past week things have intensified further. 

According to

Not since the powerful El Niño of 1997-98 has there been a red crab invasion in Southern California that came close to resembling this one.

In Orange County, so many crabs are ending up beaches, where they promptly die, that a stench wafts across the air.

As we have previously reported, a warm blob of water has been observed in the Pacific Ocean around the west coast of America, and has accounted for some weird weather recently.

Could the warm blob of water and the mysterious washing up of creatures on beaches around the world point to a coming major earthquake? report:

Ocean life Animals and Earthquakes

Thousands of sardines, anchovies, striped bass and mackerel surged along the  coast of the Mexican resort in an event believed to be linked to the  devastating Japanese tsunami.

Delighted fishermen rushed out in wooden motor boats, abandoning  their rods and nets and simply scooping the fish up with buckets.  Experts believe the phenomenon is directly related to the Japanese tsunami.

Scientists agree

Some types of animals have an innate sixth sense which enables them  to detect when a tsunami is going to occur: they will then head inland  in the opposite direction.

What animals am I talking about?

Cats – statistically there are over 2 times as many cats reported missing during the week leading up to an Earthquake.

Dogs – statistically there are over 2 times as many  dogs reported missing during the week leading up to an Earthquake –  let’s be honest dogs would find it harder to get away as well.

Elephants – There are many reports of elephants stampeding away from areas shortly before an Earthquake hits it.

Frogs – have been reported to try to leave an area before an earthquake hits it.

Is there any correlation between Animals Ocean life and Earthquakes?

Earthquake and Tsunami 2004 – it was learned that  the Jarawa tribesmen of the Andaman Islands suffered no loss. They  noticed that the birds and animals were behaving a little strangely and  when they saw the big animals heading up the hill so they evacuated the village and followed the animals.


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