Mena Suvari’s Sister Says Hollywood Elites Raped Her as a Kid During Satanic Abuse Rituals

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Mena Suvari’s exposes Satanic hollywood sex abuse rituals

Mena Suvari’s stepsister has gone on the record to detail the MK Ultra-style ritual sex abuse and torture she suffered as a child at the hands of the Hollywood elite.

In a viral X post, a user who goes by the handle of @StellarFox16 accuses her father of trafficking her to elite pedophiles in Alabama, Disneyland, Las Vegas, Long Beach, and Hollywood. reports: The woman also names people in California who allegedly took part in her sex trafficking as a teen.

While it’s impossible for Infowars to corroborate these claims, the woman’s testimony is intriguing and sheds light on the hidden shadow society illegally participating in ritual sex abuse of children behind closed doors.

Read a transcript of @StellarFox16’s post below:

I’ve been beating around the bush with the things I went through, so here is a breakdown. Deep breath.

From birth to 11 years old I was involved in Mkultra type programs. I was never told the names, but the programs weren’t all the same and fit under the general mind-control experiment umbrella.

My father used human behavior modification, SA, torture, and ritual abuse on me that he either learned elsewhere or studied on his own. By himself and sometimes with groups.

I was trafficked to child “video” groups and other places, including Disneyland/Disneyland Hotel, Las Vegas, the marina in Long Beach, museums, and mansion parties.

I am an “experiencer”

At the age of 11, everything changed when my father met and married a celebrity’s mother. Things slowed down and she moved in.

They eventually moved to Alabama and their marriage fell apart when he started trying to kill her.

I was trafficked by other groups after he moved to Alabama. He liked to remind me it was legal to get married there at 14 with parent permission.

My mother had a Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – mental illness style type thing going on, so my life was very isolating on all sides.

I had people in “Hollywood” involved in my personal life and in my trafficking. People in the entertainment industry.

I’m posting about this not for sympathy or attention, but to expose it. I’m just a person who went through a crazy amount of things. I have little proof – and that’s by design. The way they want it. But I’m going to tell it. #Mkultra #Occult.

In a follow-up post, @StellarFox16 detailed her relationship to Mena Suvari and named people reportedly involved in her sex trafficking.

The CIA carried out the clandestine human experimentation program known as MKUltra from the 1950s to the 1970s, testing mind-altering and brainwashing substances on unwitting mental patients.

The primary goals of the MKUltra experiments were to test the effects of drugs, namely hallucinogens, and other forms of psychotherapy – including electroshock therapy – on humans, and to research and perfect methods of torture which could best be used to create Manchurian candidates, or mind-controlled persons, who could be programmed to carry out any number of harmful acts.

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