“We Have to Rise Up and Not Allow” GOP To Replace Ginsburg Says Jane Fonda

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Jane Fonda

Bill Maher announced the news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death during HBO’s ‘Real Time’on Friday.

His guests, Trae Crowder, Tim Miller and Jane Fonda reacted in real time to the news of RBG’s passing and the fact that there was now a US Supreme Court vacancy just weeks before the elections.

Actress and activist Jane Fonda, said she was “reeling” from the news before urging viewers to “rise up” and oppose Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s effort to nominate a replacement for Ginsburg.

“We have to be as tough as Mitch McConnell and not allow them to do one freakin’ thing until the election is over” Fonda said.

“We have to rise up and not allow them to do it. If Mitch McConnell can do it, let’s grow some balls and ovaries. Oh, my God.”


  1. Political drivel.. whoever nominates a new Supreme and whoever is ultimately confirmed the Court will carry on the work to oppress Americans and shred the Constitution in the name of Banking Profits and the rule of giant Corporations.. All the screaming about RoeVWade or Gun rights is window dressing and it is entirely unhealthy to our Republic. The nominee should be neutral and base his or her opinions (I suspect the Dims to one-up Trump’s Woman nominee with a LGBTQ thing) on the Constitution. Just the President or the Democrats saying this or that person will do this or that once on the bench disqualifies the candidate. The Circus is in town.

    • You obviously have NO idea who President Trump is and what his goals are. He’s been very vocal about taking down the cabal and has already started to do so. The fact that you seem to have no idea about this, makes you seem a little, well, not too aware.

  2. BTW she s Catholic too like Scalini ,Fauci Pelosi ,etcetera etcetera etcetera of all the names aligned to the ” democratic ” pretenders ,so when she says ” we ” you know who she means .They all inow whose who .

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