Church Shooting A False Flag? DHS Did ‘Shooter Drills’ THAT Day

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Could the Charleston Church shooting be a staged event (false flag) designed to bring in harsh gun control laws?

It has emerged that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were conducting an “active shooter drill” in the exact same town on the exact same day that the church shootings took place, where Dylann Roof gunned down 9 people in Charleston. 

Not only were the government conducting drills that mimicked the real life shootings, but it has emerged that one of the victims of the shooting was a State Senator.

Could it be that there is much more to this than meets the eye? reports:

The Smoking Gun

Often times, false flags or staged events are carried out while government drills are taking place. On 9/11 for example, the military was conducting drills of a simulated terrorist hijacking of airlines, and crashing them into the twin towers. Is it a coincidence that this is exactly what happened on 9/11? Or was it done to cause confusion over the radios and channels broadcasting both the real attacks and the live drills? During the movie theater shooting, there was a drill nearby. Sandy hook, there were drills nearby. the London 7/7 bombings; drills nearby.

Now, The Resistance Journals found proof that drills were occurring simulating just what happened, as it happened, on the day of the S.C. church massacre. Just see below:


As you can see, we took a screenshot from the FLETC website. Shown, is a scheduled “training” for an Active Shooter event, set to take place in Charleston S.C. Conveniently, the “training” ends on 6/19/2015

To me, because of past research and these sort of instances reoccurring too many times to be coincidences, this is THE SMOKING GUN, to show that there is much, much more to the church shooting than meets the eye. Why is it every time one of these terror attacks, or mass shootings that become nationwide stories seem to always have drills taking place at the same time as the shootings or attacks?


Why is it that Dylann Roof, seemingly has some sort of connections to Russia?

Why did Dylann Roof walk into the church, and specifically ask for the Reverend first? This in and of itself shows this attack was directed at the Senator, and the others who were killed, were killed out of hate and were of course, racially motivated.

Many questions still remain as to why this really happened. The media is completely ignoring the fact that this was an assassination as well as a mass shooting. immediately following the events, President Obama and gun control advocates hit the TV News and called for immediate gun control measures. This cannot be the reason this happened alone, but you cannot “let a good crisis go to waste,” as Rahm Emmanuel once said.

Please, spread this far and wide as this story begins to get blown wide open. Pray for the families and those who were hurt and killed in this terrible tragedy, as once again psychopaths use a psychopath to carry out a disgusting attack, or so it seems.


  1. This shooting was the assassination of a State Senator. It was done because he was affecting change to the police community. A police community with long standing racial bias.

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