George Soros On The Brink Of Bankruptcy Following Trump Win

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George Soros on the brink of bankruptcy following Trump victory

Billionaire globalist George Soros may be edging near bankruptcy after the hedge fund elitist lost “significant amounts of money” following Trump’s election victory.

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, close associates of Soros such as Gregory Zuckerman and Julet Chung have expressed fear that the legendary billionaire may be “on his way out”. reports:

Soros supported Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, and contributed millions to super PACsbacking her campaign, so it may come as no surprise that he was skeptical of the market after Trump’s upset victory.

Additionally, most Wall Street analysts believed that a Trump win would sow uncertainty and cause a sell-off.

Since Trump’s election, Soros has criticized him, calling him a “would-be dictator” and warning about what his win could mean for the long-term health of democracy.

The Dow Jones industrial average is up nearly 10% since Election Day, and all three major US stock indexes have set all-time highs after Trump’s win.

Stanley Druckenmiller, a Soros protégé who worked at his firm until 2000, was much more prescient. Druckenmiller bet that the market would rally on a Trump victory, and that bet appears to have paid off — his firm gained 10% in 2016, according to The Journal.

Druckenmiller, who donated mostly to Republican legislative candidates, joins Carl Icahn as another notable hedge fund manager to make winning bets on the Trump rally. Icahn said he bought $1 billion worth of stock futures on election night, as the market tanked, which made significant gains after its recovery.

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