Trump Cancels Annual White House Christmas Party For The Media

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President Donald Trump has reportedly cancelled the annual White House Christmas party for members of the media.

The Christmas season gathering which has been hosted by presidents for decades, along with the decision to cancel it it this year marks the latest episode in the US leader’s turbulent relationship with ‘fake news’ journalists

The Independent reports: It follows weeks of speculation as to the fate of the reception – usually attended by legions of Washington journalists – after administration officials refused to say it was going ahead.

“This year we’re inviting Mueller,” Bill Shine, the White House deputy communications chief, quipped when asked about the party last month – a reference to special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Trump campaign ties to Russia.

Last year’s Christmas party saw its own controversy, after a number of black and LGBT reporters were left off the guest list for the first time in years.

It also saw CNN boycott the event, “in light of the president’s continued attacks on freedom of the press”.

Those attacks have only escalated over the past 12 months, with Mr Trump repeatedly referring to media he does not approve of as “fake news” and the “enemy of the people”.

In November, tensions peaked when the White House temporarily revoked CNN journalist Jim Acosta’s press pass.


  1. OHH THATS GOTTA HURT THEM….. Their father satan will be annoyed,,,,its the birthday of his son Tammuz.. he is not gonna like this at all…. lol…… Christmas has nothing to do with Christ the Messiah… Jesus was not born in December…….. read your Bible and find out why…

  2. President Trump should end this declaration with, “Merry Christmas To All, and to all the female WH correspondents, You a HO-HO-HO”.

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