Hillary Clinton Asks Monsanto To Make Her President

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Wikileaks emails show Hillary Clinton inviting a top Monsanto executive to a fundraiser to help put her in the White House.

Wikileaks emails show Hillary Clinton inviting a top Monsanto executive to a fundraiser to help put her in the White House.

Leaked email 28657, part of the Podesta email leaks by Wikileaks, shows that the Clinton campaign desperately sought money from Monsanto.

Natural News reports:

The Monsanto operative invited to the fundraiser was none other than Charles W. Burson, Monsanto’s former Executive V.P., Secretary and General Counsel.

Burson, who retired from Monsanto in 2006 but still maintained an active Monsanto.com email address all the way through 2015, was praised by Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant for pushing the corporation’s international imperialism agenda to force patented seeds down the throats of poor farmers in developing nations. It’s sickening. Via PR Newswire:

“On behalf of the Monsanto Board of Directors and the employees of Monsanto, I thank Charles for his service to our company,” said Hugh Grant, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Monsanto.

“During his tenure, Monsanto successfully transitioned from an agricultural company fueled by its chemistry business to one led by its seeds and traits businesses.

Charles has played an important role in building the company’s legal organization to better serve our growing business, not only in the United States but also in Latin America and Asia-Pacific, where farmers are increasingly choosing to plant Monsanto seeds and technologies.

Clinton fundraiser sought money from one of the most evil corporations in the history of humankind

In other words, Charles Burson was instrumental in Monsanto suing farmers whose fields were contaminated by genetically modified Monsanto seeds. This legal action by Monsanto is globally considered to be one of the most evil, anti-human rights abuses of legal power ever witnessed in the modern world, yet the Hillary Clinton campaign saw this man as an opportunity to raise more money to put Hillary Clinton into the White House (where, no doubt, she would return the favor to Monsanto through government policy decisions at the USDA and FDA).

Fully consistent with the criminal conduct of the Clinton crime mafia, Charles Burson also took part in excusing Monsanto’s illegal bribery of over 140 Indonesian officials as part of its international agricultural imperialism march against subsistence farmers.

After caught committing massive bribery and collusion in Indonesia, Monsanto’s then general counsel Charles Burson explained that no, Monsanto isn’t a bad company. They’re super honest, and transparent and ethical, too!

“The company has taken remedial actions to address the activities in Indonesia. At every stage of this process — beginning with our voluntary disclosure and throughout the governmental investigations and settlement process — Monsanto has been fully cooperative, and has made clear that improper activities will not be tolerated by the company. We are pleased today to begin the process of putting these matters to rest,” wrote Burson.

Surprise! The Justice Department then “defers prosecution” of Monsanto and forgets these crimes ever happened…

Whaddaya know! With the corrupt, lawless Justice Department calling the shots, Monsanto was then given a get out of jail free card by the political elite in Washington.

From the same link above:

The Justice Department said it had agreed to defer prosecution on the criminal information for three years, saying it would dismiss it after the period if Monsanto fully complied with the terms of the agreement.

So, wait. You mean to tell me that a corporation which got caught bribing 140 foreign officials in Indonesia — a felony crime under U.S. law — was able to get away with it by claiming they will be honest from now on? And the Justice Department says oh yes, you’re fine now, there will be no prosecution for your serious crimes? And then the Clinton fundraiser people specifically reach out to the Monsanto attorney who orchestrated all this and said, “Hey, this guy would be awesome to help support a Clinton presidency?”


That’s Hillary Clinton in a nutshell: Hopelessly corrupt… criminally involved… collusion at every level and the total abandonment of human rights and human dignity. This woman shouldn’t be behind a desk at the Oval Office… she should be behind bars!

Oh, and it case you’re curious, here are all the other emails that were cc’d in that same Hillary Clinton fundraiser message. Check out some of the names. Do you now see how deep the Clinton corruption really is?

To: aegis1865@gmail.com, agoldberg@tridentpllc.com, teaguelr@aol.com, Alan.Kreczko@thehartford.com, amy@weisspublicaffairs.com, annedwards@gmail.com barry_toiv@aau.edu, benjaminmaxwelladams@gmail.com, bethnolan@gmail.com, blindsey@wlj.com, bobjnash@sbcglobal.net, bdsmith@cov.com, mimbroscio@cov.com, bwnussbaum@wlrk.com, c_moscatelli@yahoo.com, cadavis8@gmail.com, charles.w.burson@monsanto.com, cheryl.mills@gmail.com, ches.johnson@gmail.com, christopherlehane@sbcglobal.net, cliffmauton@hotmail.com, dnionakis@gmail.com, davidfein@icloud.com, dmchirwa@live.com, debbzerwitz@gmail.com, ddoufekias@mofo.com, dkendall@wc.com, don@bluetext.com, donna.peel@comcast.net, dsosnik@nba.com, Doug.band@technoholdings.com, dpeel@rddlaw.net, efhughes4@yahoo.com, eangel@legalaiddc.org, Erskine@2Bowles.com, ericgioia@gmail.com, ecomite@scott-scott.com, fitztoiv@yahoo.com, gterzano@hotmail.com, dcanter434@aol.com, Goodstein8@aol.com, gradymccoy@yahoo.com, wgreggburgess@gmail.com, hickes@ickesenright.com, ira.fishman@nflplayers.com, iraij@foley.com, jjohnson@gloverpark.com, jkagan@supremecourt.gov, jkennedy2006@gmail.com, jlockhart@jplgrp.com, jquinn@quinngillespie.com, jakesiewert@gmail.com, jamie.baker@armfor.uscourts.gov, Jane.Sherburne@BNYMellon.com, jennifer.m.palmieri@gmail.com, jeremymgaines@gmail.com, jklein@newscorp.com, jlwitt@wittassociates.com, john.podesta@gmail.com, Jonathan.Yarowsky@wilmerhale.com, joshua.king@thehartford.com, josh@personal.com, juliampayne24@gmail.com, juliemziemba@gmail.com, karen_kucik@yahoo.com, KARacine@venable.com, kathiwhalen@comcast.net, kathyruemmler@gmail.com, kearney_j@sbcglobal.net, kengskov@starbucks.com, kpopp@sidley.com, kumiki.gibson@gmail.com, lbreuer@cov.com, lbrown@georgetown.edu, lisa.krim@georgetown.edu, lizdave@me.com, loriwier@comcast.net, lorriemchugh@comcast.com, moconnor@wc.com, mmelendez@lannyjdavis.com, margaretwhillock@sbcglobal.net, marnacooks@gmail.com, marsha@scottyandura.com, marvin.krislov@oberlin.edu, marystreett@hotmail.com, maryellen_glynn@yahoo.com, marymfrench@sbcglobal.net, Mary_B._DeRosa@nsc.eop.gov, maura.pally@gmail.com, Mdf@markfabiani.com, melissaprober@gmail.com, mecabe@verizon.net, michelle_aronowitz@hotmail.com, mmccurry@psw-inc.com, nadjanaomi@me.com, neal.wolin@gmail.com, claire_e_mccombs@who.eop.gov, ernewman@alumni.princeton.edu, nicole.seligman@us.sony.com, pambcashwell@gmail.com, pmarple@chadbourne.com, info@panettainstitute.org, pauloetken@gmail.com, peter.erichsen@ropesgray.com, prundlet@humanityunited.org, rklain@aol.com, Robert.Weiner@aporter.com, RSlater@PattonBoggs.com, srutherford@clintonschool.uasys.edu, sbradley@mclarty.com, sreich@akingump.com, swilson@cov.com, sally@thepaxtongroupconsulting.com, Sbwhoeop@aol.com, emkarcher.schmitt@yahoo.com, shelia.cheston@ngc.com, shelli_peterson@fd.org, stacyr404@gmail.com, stephenneuwirth@quinnemanuel.com, steveR@metalrecyclingcorp.com, sricchetti@cox.net, stevenfreich@gmail.com, sylvia.burwell@hotmail.com, tfmclarty@maglobal.com, todd_j_campbell@tnmd.uscourts.gov, tschroeder@texarkanalaw.com, vcanter434@aol.com, wdellinger@omm.com, wendy.white@ogc.upenn.edu, wpmarsha@email.unc.edu


  1. Evil company that should be shut down & the clintons be forced to eat the foods that Monsanto generates. Poison all Monsanto management.

  2. It makes sense that the most evil corporation in the WORLD worse than any other by yards would hire this scum of the earth. Google monsanto and food control its the same company from the movie. Just replace Thorn for monsanto

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